Lakeland University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The best thing about Lakeland College is the family atmostphere. Everyone knows everyone and the students are so nice. The Staff is always there for you no matter the situation. People will make time for you if you need it.


When I brag about my school it is usually about the accounting program. Lakeland College has a very good accounting program and a high success rate for students taking the CPA exam. Also, I like how helpful the professors are and how quickly they respond to emails.


What I would brag most about my school is the amount of different activities and groups that are available on campus. There are so many organizations and groups that everyone has something to keep them busy when homework is done. There is Greek Life, the theatre group, the Black Student Union, and many other clubs offered. Also, there is always a great even taking place. It could be as simple as a girls or boys basketball game, or a big as having a Convecation with 911 victims, or even putting on a modernized Romeo and Juliet. It is all available.


I talk about the BlendEd program. Being a wife and mother of a disable child is a task. It gives me the flexiblity to go to class or do the work on-line. With health complications along with my home duties I am able to complete the requirements. I have been to other colleges and I have had better succes because of the program. I highly suggest it to friends/family that need this type of flexiblity as well!


I dont really brag much about lakeland, if I do I mostly talk about the class size being small and the professors being nice.