Lakeland University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


A person attending Lakeland should like smaller school with more individualized learning experiences. An individualized experience means that every teacher will know his or her name. The person should also understand that the school is farther from most towns and a form of transportation would be helpful.


This school, especially the smaller satellite campuses, is very focused on academics, rather than total campus life and involvement. The school also understands that many of its students are also full-time working adults, which makes working adults the ideal candidate for this school. The instructors plan the curriculum to incorporate many different styles of learning to maximize the learning potential for all of the students in the class. This seems to have the benefit of increasing the understanding of concepts without unnecessarily enlarging the workloads.


Someone who doesnt want a big city school who is willing to meet all different types of people, and likes to have a personal relationship with there professors! It is small and away from the city life but we like to have fun and know when to settle down. Advice: have fun, ber serious when you have to and don't regret anything you do, everything happens for a reason!