Lamar State College-Orange Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Study! You can't blow off any of these classes, Julia. If you knew that you were going to make a letter grade C in your favorite class, you would've studied for those exams instead of goofing off and watching T.V., right? Being studious and taking charge of your college work is what will help you fly! If you write it off and say you'll do it later, you won't, trust me. You push it back and back until you never get it finished in time. If there's one thing I want you to know more than anything, it's that you must meet your deadlines. The world isn't a forgiving place, it's factual and punctual. Julia, if you miss as many classes as I did, if you don't do your work like I did, you will fail. Please, don't make that same mistake!


Studying is very important to being successful in college, just like being prepared for completing your duties at work is important to a job. Make sure that you are prepared for tests and upcoming projects ahead of time rather than waiting until the last minute to complete an assignment. Finishing work earlier will reduce stress and make college life a lot easier. Always listen to your professor and when given an assignment make sure to follow all of the directions so that you recieve full credit for that assignment and you are able to make the best grade possible. Making excellent grades is very imporant because prospective employers will be looking at your progress during school when making the decision to hire you. To make the top grades you have to study and you cannot procrastinate at all. When a test is coming up be sure to go over the material thoroughly and repeatedly so that the information is known and reviewing the material before the test will keep the information fresh in your mind.