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What are the most popular student activities/groups?

Student Government Association is becoming more of a presence around campus, and that's always cool to be a part of. I was never really involved with the sororities, and I don't know much about the fraternities...but sometimes they'll have some neat things going on, if they're selling food and have loud music going on in between classes, that's always cool. But the Greek thing isn't really a heavy scene around least in my experience. I will say though that football returned in 2010, and whether you're into football or not it's been pretty exciting. They built a stadium and students get free tickets if we want, so it's neat to have that going on during the fall. Basketball draws a lot of folks from the community as well, and between basketball and football, the sports at Lamar earn us a great deal of support from the community. As far as a dating "scene," well, I don't know how those function at any school? No differently than meeting friends? I've made several friends at Lamar, mostly in class, believe it or not. The class sizes at their largest hover around 40-50 students, so you really get a chance to pair up with a study buddy and help each other out. I've still got friends from my Geology 2 class..and without them, I might not have passed. Surviving that kind of pressure all but makes you friends for life, ha. So if you're looking for love at Lamar, I'd start in the classroom. It's the perfect place to get to know somebody. Just don't talk or text or whatever, some professors will humiliate you if you get caught. (I've seen it.) The party scene usually settles itself around the local bars in downtown Beaumont, and it's also pretty common for people to drive over state lines to Louisiana to go gambling once in a while. I've never lived on campus so I wouldn't know what happens there, but I'm pretty sure the dorms are pretty tame. They're pretty-looking, too. There is however one bar that is literally across the street from campus, Kampus Korner, but this joint also has food, coffee, a jukebox, pool tables, and live music a few times a month I think. From what I understand people don't get too crazy over there. Usually they just kind of hang around and have fun, and it's safe. Nice place.

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Man up is a very popular student organization that have many interesting confrences on juices topics..... There just about every organization you can thing of you definely find one that fits you. Football games are very important everyone goes.. august thur november is cuffing season.. Some of my friend are people i already knew for coming down here but we have a facebook group called "lamar friends" that help freshman get to know other before coming to lamar. every year we have rivals between phase in flag football, dodgeball, and etc... there are midnight bbqs

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