Lamar University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


They are very quiet


My classmates have always been friendly, helpful, and seemingly invested in their education at Lamar. I honestly have no complaints. When I was a freshman and on campus for the first day of classes, I got lost everywhere I went. Several people stopped me, noticing how distressed and confused I looked, and offered to give directions. One girl even walked me to two of my classes. I was BEYOND grateful.


I haven't really meet any classmates at Lamar with the same major as me. What I can say , is that many of them are from my high school and I knew of them, My roommate is a person I have attend 4 years of medical magnet with. We are intended in the same major and registered for the same classes. We intend to help each other as much as we need. She is the best friend that I need and is very helpful. Blessed to have someone to help me and encourage me.


My classmates are eclectic, but civilized and easy to tolerate.


Southeast Texas is I'm pretty sure one of the notches along the "Bible Belt" of the South, so there are several conservative entities floating around. There are more than a few church organizations around campus, but they are a friendly presence at the school. They invite students to free lunches, and they host fundraisers and other fun activities once in a while, so if you're active in your church look into the religious centers around campus. They're good people. I'd say we have a pretty ethnically diverse student body, though not as diverse as maybe other student bodies in the Northeast. The dominant racial groups in the student body are African Americans and Caucasians who are native to the area surrounding Beaumont or Houston, or transfers. We have other races too, but if race is what you're concerned about, I'd look up the socio-economic and racial demographics for the area. I've never really paid attention to that, myself. The theater and art departments have somewhat of a following, as those folks tend to (stereotypically speaking) be, well, "artsy." My boyfriend is a studio art major, and though he isn't the archetypal "artsy" guy (he listens to death metal), he is certainly friends with his classmates and his teachers. It's not uncommon for us to go out and hang out with them from time to time. Everybody jives pretty well, if you know what you're interested in and you be yourself, you'll find your way to some friends. I did.


if you are a very non soical person you would feel out of place here...


Very independent and intelligent. Life in college is like a little world in and of itself.


My classmates are very eager to learn.


I haven't attended yet.


The students are so diverse and friendly, and there isn't as much competition like in high school because everyone is aiming for the same thing: graduating from college.


Most of them aren't here for the right reasons!


They are very nice, helpful, and fun to go to school with.


My classmates are very nice, respectful, and helpful.


They are the kind of people that make you want to ask more about their lives.




Most of us are alike in the way that we have to work; we do what we have to do to make our work schedules and class schedules work together.


My classmates are very goal oriented and friendly.


My classmates ages range from 18 to people in their 40's and 50's.


Classmates are always nice but non-engaging.


My classmates are knowledgable regarding politics and economics. They are friendly people who are willing and able to help any other student who may not understand a particular subject.