Lamar University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Lamar University is best known for being one of the top schools to receive a degree in engineering, based off of the low cost of attendance, the average salary of a graduate in that particular field, and the number of graduates who are able to obtain a job in their field. Lamar University is located in the gulf, where engineering jobs are readily available.


Lamar University is one the largest and fastest growing schools in Texas.


The lives week on campus...Alpha and the Kappas host to of the best parties on campus that weekend


Lamar University is an excellent school for those interested in engineering. With all of the major plants nearby, it is in a great position to educate and produce the most talented engineers around.


for its excellent nursing program as well as other majors.


My school isn't best known fo anything that I know of. I think it is known for getting their students in the right career field in a reasonable amount of time.


Nothing Really, Its just the local school alot of students go to to get out of there city.


Our school is best know for its business department. Lamar University is recongized as a AACSB accredited school.