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the class room sizes.


The reason I chose Lamar over all other schools is because at the time it was the only school in Texas that offered a major in American Sign Language and it is known to be the best in the nation for it's ASL program.


college is wat you make it out to be you gotta know how to have fun even if its boring as hell.cause it gonna get like that sometimes


I just camed to this school because this the only school that accepted me. Sometimes i think i made a mistake coming here and not thinking all the way through, but i didnt really tell a lot people that. This school is very close to home than the other schools i applied to.


My school has a very well known nursing program but is incredibly competitive to get into.


The unique thing I've learned about my school just form open house is that it's a very open armed school. Everyone is welcoming and very helpful, which bulids up an atmoshpere you wouldn't want to leave. Lamar also offers a huge variety of extra activites to become involed in and the school wants its students to be very successful.


I found that Lamar University is a very one-on-one type of school. You can always find someone willing to help you from freshmans to administrators. Even though Lamar University is a small school, it has a wide variety of people with all different kinds of cultures. This school also lets the students express their religion. Also, as most Universities, this university provides the students to hold festivites on campus. When I looked into other schools I had heard that a lot of them were "party" schools. This university was not only close to home, but a GREAT choice.


Our school is unique in that we have the main Lamar campus and the institute of Technology right across the street. It is a big enough school to have really nice things, but it is small enough that we have good personal relationships with our professors and the class gets to know each other throughout the semester.


It's a smaller campus and the classes are not always large. The professors are friendly and are willing to work with you if you need extra help with your class. The other studens are very friendly and it's not hard to make friends. The classes are fun and challenging. They're not to easy, but they're not to hard either. The best part, is that it's close to home.


It offered Dental Hygeine and that was what I wanted to major in.


Attending Lamar University is unique because I get the education I need. I'am able to have that one on one conversation with my professors and there's help available for anything I need. Since I dont live in Beaumont and I get to stay in the dorms I feel more independent and I get to be focus on my education.


It's small but not too small and the class rooms are a good enviroment to learn in.


It is situated right next to an ExxonMobil plant. They are huge contributors to our engineering college. Also our faculty to student ratio allows professors to engage one-on-one with the students, allowing for unique research oppurtunities much like graduate school.


Compared to most of the colleges and universities I considered was the more "family" feeling that I get from the students who have become my friends and the teachers who live and teach here.