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What are your classes like?


I'm currently earning my masters in English, so my classes are very cool. I just wrapped up my first semester in grad school, and my Romanticism class had around 17 students--five of us were grad students, the rest were upper-level undergrads. At this level, English is much more interesting. You don't usually have those pesky quizzes over the literature anymore, because now you're mature enough to actually read the material and understand it, and the professors know this. And if you don't, well, it's up to you to wing it when a class discussion starts up, or when you have an exam or you're scrambling for a topic for your research paper. Because of the class size, we're able to have some very interesting discussions. We tackle the more abstract issues, like whether we invented language...or did language invent us? It's fun, and very stimulating to walk away thinking beyond the syllabus. Often the discussions continue on after the class, and sometimes a debate will ensue (but nobody fights dirty here, we play nice.) And if the debate wraps up before you're done making your point, you take it to the research paper and argue that point 'till your blue in the face with no interruptions. And if you're passionate enough about the subject you're writing about, odds are you'll get an A. Funny how that always seems to happen. Let's put it this way--for an 8 a.m. class, classroom participation was not usually a problem. That right there says something.


most my classes are small like a high school classroom which helps me have a better change of knowing my teacher on a personal level.. My biggest class is my History class which has about a 100 or a lil more student in it...