Lamar University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about this school is the food.


I would say the thing i dislike about Lamar University is that if you dont have any form of transportation, then it will be hard for you to get around the city. There are no store and food places in walking distance of the campus. The city bus runs on a weird schedule so you cant really rely on them. So I would recommend that if you dont have a car of your own then make sure you get everything you need when family visits or if you have friends that has a car then they may help.


The location of the campus in relation to restraunts and other entertainment venues.


It is really boring around here. there is nothing to do. If you want to have fun you have to drive to port arthur or further out to have fun. Its really hard because you have work to do and you want to have fun but you cant because you dont know where anything is at.


The location. It's located almost in downtown near a chemical plant so it smells bad and it's not very scenic.


The worst thing would have to be the location. Lamar is kind of secluded, but thats what you expect from a college in a small town.


The worst thing about the school I am attending would be the dining hall because the hall is limited to certain hours. On the days of the finals most students stay up late , nine times out of ten the students are going to be very hungry after a long night of studying. The food in the dining hall could be better.


The one thing I hate about Lamar is the tuition. Tuition here is cheaper than most schools, however, it's still hard for me to pay it. In all honesty, I enjoy being here, I love the people. Lamar is my home away from home.


There's nothing worst about this school. It's always improving.


Following through with plans to get things done. Not enough problem solving being done to take care of situations.


I think the worst part is their school organizations. I hae expresse interested in joining some groups on campus nad have yet to receive any information. You don't see a lot of groups doing anything on campus. I only see sororities selling cupcakes to pay for their booze later that night. I have not come across any respectable groups doing something to make the campus a better place. I guess that means I need to step up and lead the way, right?


I would have to say the worst thing to me is that they don't offer the 5 year MPA program that gets you ready and satisfies the requirement to take the CPA exam. Instead, you have to get a BBA with an accounting imphasis and then take extra classes or go for your MBA.