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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If, by some miracle, I could go back in time and give myself advice about college, I would tell myself to relax. I got really stressed out during the process of applying for college and forgot to breathe and allow the memories to sink in.


Don't lose your passions in life because people want you to conform to their ideas of what life should be like. Don't let them tell you that your dreams are too big, that you aren't good enough, or that you can't succeed. Enjoy the little things in life and work hard to succeed at YOUR passion, not someone elses. Stop people pleasing and go for it! Life happens quickly, don't miss it by trying to be a "cool kid". The things that upset you now won't matter 5 years from now. You will still miss your best friend that just passed away, and it's okay to hurt. Don't hide from pain, instead grow within it. Wave your flag and be proud of who you are, but know you aren't perfect and can grow to become better. Smile more, cry less. You are beautiful, unique, and worthy of true joy.


I would tell my high school self to salways stay focused and get involved in campus organizations. Getting invovled on campus helps you make friends with the same common goal and intrest as yourself. It also keeps you busy and will make transitioning from home to college life a little bit more easy.


The best advice I could give any potential college student would be to get involved in campus activities and go to class. The course work may seem difficult at first, but once you set yourself on a schedule, it becomes much easier. Freedom is great, but remember that studies should come first.


I would tell myself to take the sat more than twice.I would remind myself to not slack off in my senior year because IT DOES count just like every other high school year. I would study more and take classes more serious because in college there are no second chances and if you fail and flunk out of college you would have wasted so much money and got nothing out of it. I would work during my senior year and save up as much money as i can because books are really expensive and your scholarships will not always cover it. I would tell myself to be more organized too because if you are organized it helps you plan for test that are to come. I would also apply to any and all scholarships ahead of time so that way i wouldnt be rushing to do my fasfa and trying to get grants last minute


Don't have your heart set on attending your "dream" college. Do some more research on each place you plan on applying to and be honest with yourself about whether you can REALLY afford it or not. Sometimes the school you like the least (Lamar University in Beaumont) ends up being your perfect match. So don't settle! Really take the time to find a fitting school for your life, and always stay in contact with Financial Aid. Get a job, save up some money, and get ALL of your Financial Aid paperwork done on time or early. Keep your head up and have fun! After all, a degree is still a degree no matter what school you get it from. Look to the future and reach for the stars! Take it slow, always ask for help, and refrain from getting wrapped up in what you assume is going to happen. You just might really have a great time :)


Since it was my senior year, probaly shouldn't have slacked off the whole second semester just waiting for college. Should have gotten myself ready for campus live and studying traditions have have come in handy. Probaly aslo have gotten a job to help pay for expenses


I would tell myself to decide on the learning atmosphere that I would best succeed in, and that I need to focus in on those schools to visit, not just choose where my family or friends think I should go. I would also tell myself how important it is to get involved early on, because towards the last few semesters of college I will be too busy with internships and academics to focus on being really involved in a student organization. The college experience is a great one, so choose the right school wisely and enjoy every single moment that I have. Take advantage of each and every opporunity that there is to learn.


Everything you do in life does come back to you. If you do good in life, life will reward you. If you do bad, life will come back and haunt you.


i would tell myself to not let the being off by yourself get to your head. I would also tell myself to keep working hard because there will be more work and you will need to manage your time wisely and not succumb to the opportunities to slack off and go to parties and have fun without getting your work done. And make sure you exhaust all options to get free money from scholarships and grants to help pay for the college expenses without getting loans that you will have to pay back over time. Because the more free money you are able to get from scholarships and grants will help a lot more than you think.


Hey Lila, I need to talk to you before you walk across the stage. Obviously I’m you from the future; let’s get that fact out of the way. Listen carefully to what I’m about to tell you: In the next few years of your life, words like book costs, due dates, and tuition will cause a migraine. You’ll have to cease being prideful; be humble and take criticism/advice from others. There’ll be times when you’d rather clean up your room than solve twenty algebra problems that each take 15 minutes to solve. Despite these cons, I’m here to tell you there are people who’ll help you to succeed; it has to start with you. You’re a strong and confident woman. You always bounce back and go into action when misfortunes happen instead of worrying. Remember, it's always ok to ask questions. Oh, about the cost of everything, here’s a secret; it’s better to be poor for the next four years than to be poor the rest of your life. Take a deep breath, relax and I’ll see you in a couple of years.


I would tell myself to save all the money that I can!!! Also, I would tell myself to practice as many helpful study habits as I can and read to expand my vocabulary and gain knowledge about the subjects i would be taking in college to better understand the classes. Lastly I would tell myself to mentally prepare to do things on my own.


There are two major things I would tell my high school self. One is do not ever procrastinate. When you receive an assignment do it as soon as you can. At first it may seem like you have all the time in the world to accomplish what you need to accomplish, but believe me time flies so fast. Your deadlines will be on you before you know it. The second may sound weird given what I just said, but bear with me. Do not ever stress over what is going on. Overstressing will be your undoing. You will have school, a job, and probably a personal life. Just remember to take your work seriously, complete your assignments quickly devoting the proper time to them, and take a break from time to time. Everybody needs a chill time every now and then. So as long as you are organized you will be fine. Take your school seriously and remember that somebody somewhere is paying for this. So remember to be on top things and to not forget to breath.


Go straight to college don't wait until half a decade!!!


I'm in a situation where i'm both a high school senior and a college student because i attend an early college high school so I have plenty of advice to give myself all the time. Most importantly, I can't stress enough how seriously you need to take all your college courses. my dad always told me to make the best grades early because classes only get harder. This seriously applies to highschool freshman. From day 1 of your highschool career, your record is permanently etched in stone. ALL grades count toward your findal GPA, which is what is used to determine opportunies for college such as acceptance by colleges and scholarship opportunies. High GPA equals to FREE money. Free money means less stress during your college years. 210-218-2879


I would give the advice to myself to take the college life more seriously. I didn' t think that college would be this expensive for me. I end up with all the FASFA that I can recieve and still end up short of $ 2,418 short. Its very serious at this point because my tution has to be paid . Its really a burden on my mother , that is basically a single mother trying to put 2 children through college. My mother still has 2 boys to take care of at home. I hate to have to put this on my mother. I just wish that when I was in high school , I would have taken this college life more serious. It would have helped a lot,


I would tell myself that it would be ok and that i could do it.


Dear high-school self, Please stop whining about living at home during college. You won’t have to worry about paying for gas, paying for rent, or paying for food because your parents have it covered. You should feel blessed that your parents aren’t going to kick you out into the world right after graduation! You are going to be so thankful for the extra four years you have to figure out who you are and how to take care of yourself that a lot of college students won’t get. Don’t buy books; rent them. I know you like to highlight and annotate what you read, but you will save so much more money this way. Just get a notebook and use colorful sticky notes. Also, don’t get the books until after your first day of class. The book list is usually wrong. The professor will tell you exactly what you need in class. Don’t waste time being lazy; be productive, make friends, learn exciting things, get out of your comfort zone, and understand what you believe. Sincerely, College-self


Dear Margaret N., At the ancient age of 38, I may have some pearls of wisdom to offer, if you will listen. Your folks aren't so dumb. Listen to them and register for fall classes. I know, you want to "take a break" from studying and the whole school "thing". Being an 18 year old graduate is an aphrodisiac that tempts you to experience new horizons "your way". Regardless of what you believe , you don't know EVERYTHING. Once you find a job, start getting a paycheck, and feeling like an "adult", you start...paying bills. Yes, those things that mom and dad take care of. Then you get married, have kids, and all of a sudden, your priorities have changed. More important things, like having enough money for groceries, paying medical bills and the mortgage takes your focus off of you and your wants. So, do it now. Don't take a year off. You won't go back. And in 20 years, you'll regret that you didn't. You have a long life to live, and you are going to live with the decisions you make. Make wise ones!!! Best regards, Margaret P.


its a good college as per my view because of the quality of the education provided by professors such as Dr. kami Miki and Dr j. lawrence osborne in the field of computer science espicially Data minig and computer networks


Well Kristen, you made it this far. But, when you go to college next year, maybe you should focus more on school and meeting new people instead of working so much. After all, you have your whole life to do that! Try joining lots of extracurricular activities, and definitely don't ever skip classes! That's how you get behind and plus it doesn't give a very good impression to the teacher. Remember not to take life so seriously and try to have as much fun as you can. You won't ever get these years back, and stressing only takes the years off your life anyway. I hope you also remember not to let anything stand in your way of your goals and dreams. Don't focus too much on things you can't change; focus more on what you can control right now and everything else will take care of itself.


Take another dual credit course it's worth it in the end.


If I could go back in time as a high school senior, I must say it would be a great deal of fun. I would have done a few things differently in preparing for my college career. The first thing I would do is stay in my counselor's office; applying for every scholarship there was and finding out all I could on entrance exams. I would have demanded more guidance from my high school counseloris. The second peice of advice I would give is to visit as many colleges/universities as possible. It is good to venture out and experience new places, people and things in life. Finally, I would have joined more civic organizations which would hav led me to participate in many volunteer activities. Volunteerig is such an important part of life, and it helps you transition into the real world. You get to see what it's like to help others or do a job and not get paid; therefore you will have a better value on life. There are things that I would advise, and things that I would have wanted to know and for that reason I had to learn by experience.


the work is a serious thing it may have its high school moment but the work is serious be onto ur game cause you dont wanna fail n go to class rits nothing like you getting tardies or you skip n nothing happen in high school depending on the professor you have miss class or even being tardies when it adds up ur get drop a letter grade in that course...


The advice i would give myself is make sure the school you choose is right for you, have other options, and make sure you have a way to pay for college without stressing through your college years. Make sure you have choices of different majors in what you want to do with your life. Take it step by step, and make sure somebody helps you. Doing it by yourself isn't easy, it's good to ask for help, and speak up.


I would tell myself to do the exact same thing that I am doing now. I attended a community college because I cam from a small-town school. I did not want to jump straight into a shark tank and be eaten up and spit out. I think this is the best choice, even for people who may think that they are ready for a university. Going to a community college gives less student loan payback possibilities. Community college generally give better scholarships than a university, so school may be paid for both years. Also, coming from a community college, I have more opportunities to get higher scholarships than I could've dreamed of at a university. I am getting a honors society scholarship that will pay for half of my tuition at my new university. I would definitely say that this is the best idea. It also cuts down the amount of years I will be in a university. Money is the most important thing for me since I am planning on going straight through and getting my master's in both of my majors, math and music.


I am studying Computer Aided Drafting so I would tell me to spend more time learning about the history of the house and landscaping. Learn how houses are constructed from the foundation to hte gable and everything in between. I would learn the histroy of mapping the land which would help me with the civil drafting that I am now studying.


Three words... Grade Point Average. If you feel like you are not ready to commit to college. Take your time to play around and bow out gracefully. Come back when you are ready get serious and get educated. Those F's are the devil to erase when you've woken up around age 26 and realized you've got A potential!


Through my years I have learned that a strong educational background sets the standard for a successful future. College has allowed for growth in my personal knowledge, building strong values and strengthening my weaknesses. I am always striving to improve in my field of education. Teaching the future generation requires for me to stay up to date on the newest technology and studies available therefore I will continue to father my own education. The masters program at I currently in is providing how to teach for the future, for the world is consistly changing.


Learning is a life long process, there is always something new to learn. Being able to further my education is one step towards expanding my knowledge. College is a great way to gain knowledge, find yourself and experience new things.


I have learned to make my own decisions and choices. You learn to be an adult really quickly because your future is in your hands.I don't want to look back and be able to blame anyone, because in the end I will be totally responsible for getting my degree and living my dream . I 've enjoyed meeting different types of people from all walks of life, all ethnic backgrounds and l have learned to appreciate the smallest things in life. My mother has always taught me to walk into a situation and know there's always some part ofmyrself that I can offer to another human being.You get in this life exactly what you put in.


Since being in college a have learned to vaule of a dollar and what it like to live on my own. I have also learned how important it is to have an higher education and how college should be taken very serious. I have created better study habits and are more focused than in high school


Out of my personal college experience I have learned that there is nothing better in this life than education and that knowledge is key. In college, I have also learned to never take anything for granted because we only get few oppurtunities in life and we must chase our dream while we are still alive and breathing. If college was never shown to me, I would never have learned to dream big and provide a better future not only for my family and I but for the community around me. It has been very valuable to attend college because it has made me mature and become a better individual. Attending college has also taught me that everything in life is not easy and the easy goes as it comes, but the more of a struggle it is to achieve something the harder it will be for it to be taken away. Through community service and other projects by the organizations that are in the university, many doors can be opened for the world and those who need the extra push to succeed in life.


I have gotten many thing's from attending college. I have pride in myself for starting at my age. Respect from my family and my friend's. Knowlege that no one can ever take away from me. The exsperence of trying new thing's and meeting new people. The best thing is my self respect, I love the way I feel about myself, some thing I havent felt in along time. Learning and now knowing I am worthy of this education. You cant put a price on your education it is invaluable. I get to so my daughter's every day it is never to late to correct a life mistake. I have gotten so many thing's out of attending college, both educational and personal.


I have been learned that college is always what you make it. When I first came to Lamar I was really just rolling with the punches and did not really have a clear direction of what/where I wanted to go in life. Now a year or so later, I am working towards a degree I am sure is right for me. I have noticed that when you are on the right path learning is not forced; it comes naturally. Along with working towards my degree, I have noticed that faculty and staff at my school are really here to help. Although, it can be a little nerve-racking working up the courage to talk to them; when you do the rewards are endless. I know of professors helping line students up with jobs, finding scholarships, and some become great mentors.


I cannot begin to describe the amount of experience I have accumulated. After my acceptance in Manchester Community College I began to attend regular classes. During my third semester I began an internship at a local Youth Services Bureau. This opportunity strengthened my drive to become a Juvenile Corrections Officer. Once I was able to work with middle school aged to high school aged students, I knew that this population was one that I was interested in. I would not have been able to acqire this experience without attending college. A higher education in college has helped me see how independent I am. I firmly believe that choosing to go to college was a great decision. The experience and opportunities that have sprouted from my college career have made me a more confident and driven person.


Lamar is a good choice for me. It is 30 minutes from home and I can manage my course load and take care of my ill mother and younger brother while attending classes.


I learned the value of friendship and hardwork. It wasn't until I could not pay to continue my education at the University of Miami (in Florida), that I realized how much attending and living on campus meant to me. It has been over 4 years since I had to leave UM and I regret that circumstance every single day. To the point that I even put off continuing my education in the hopes of returning to my heart's Alma Mater. But I realized that finishing my degree is better than saying I 'almost graduated' from UM., even if it takes me 5 years at a local community college and transferring to a local public university. In fact, the friends that I made down there have been the driving force behind me returning to school and enrolling at the local community college - even though they are 300+miles away. They understand that I will always be a 'Cane at heart, but sometimes life gets in the way and you just have to roll with what it throws in your path. That may be the most valuable lesson I learned at the University of Miami: Perserverence will prevail.


What I have gotten out of my college experience is a sense of work ethic, or hard work. Without hard work there is no success or even a sense of pride of achieving the most desireable of things in life. No college on earth is an easy, free ride. All colleges require some hard work in obtaining a degree in any field of study. With hard work comes perseverance, which is why it is a valuable aspect in attending any college. What makes hard work valuable is that it could help anyone accomplish his or her goals, overcome obstacles, and fulfill dreams. I personally have big dreams to become the best veterinarian in the world, and I know with dreams like that it is not going to be easy to fulfill without putting in a lot of hard work. I try to keep in mind the phrase "you get what you put out" when it comes to my academics and pursuing my dreams and goals. Little or no effert comes with no progress, but a lot of hard work and strong determination comes with great progress.


I will walk away with so much more than a degree once graduated from Lamar University. There are so many diverse people and situations I have encountered while being here. Being so close to Louisiana, I have learned so much about Louisiana culture. From the food to the 'language', it was interesting to see how different things can be, even with a state in which you share a border with. I grew up in West Texas and it was actually quite a culture shock. Lamar University is also a big recruiter of international students. Sharing classes with these students really opened my eyes. I became curious about many of their customs and was able to learn about how or why they do certain things. From learning about their countries' ways, I was also able to learn more about my own. It helped me form my own opinions about our government in comparison to others, as well as my thoughts on American education and sometimes even health care. Being aware of many new things helped me form an appreciation for much of what I have recently taken for granted, and I can now thank Lamar University for that.


i have gotten knowlege that I did not possess before I had the privilge to come here.


Whether in my personal life or academic and professional career - I have chosen to put my best into everything. Striving for excellence during my college experience has often been challenging, but innumerable times this passion for the best has led to rewarding life experiences. It has helped me to get closer to my dream of having one day a rewarding career, not just a job. Different science classes, such as genetics, chemistry, modern biology and microbiology have not only satisfied my curiosity but made me want to be able one day to apply the knowledge I have gained to improve people?s lives. Because I am a nursing student and want to work in the medical field, I know there is still a long road ahead of me. Where exactly it will take me, I don?t know. What I do know is that I have chosen to enjoy it and be passionate about what I do.


Well, I am 21 years old and only a freshman at Lamar University and it feels like a lifetime. College has been, and continues to be, valuable to me in so many ways. I've learned that cramming does not help you pass a test, I've learned to take full advantage of professors? office hours, and I've learned to set at least 3 alarms in the morning, because you?ll be perpetually exhausted. Grab extra sleep whenever possible and have energy drinks handy. I am not as fortunate as most kids who have parents paying for anything and everything they need. I work hard for what I have, including school. College has taught me to set goals in life and is teaching me that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. Although the student loan costs are overwhelming at times, I know it will make me a more well rounded individual and well worth it in the end. If anyone knows the value of a dollar, it?s me and I would be so grateful for a chance to win a scholarship, it would help me in more ways than you could imagine.


My college experience has completely changed my life. Throughout high school, school was more of a chore than anything. I dreaded waking up early and facing the day which was presumably full of failure. I was uninterested in the material and was overly concerned with the drama that went hand in hand with my peers. I put little effort forth, in making my education beneficial for me. Once I started college in 2007 I realized that school was a natural talent of mine. Going to class and listening to lecture was the only factors necessary in acing an exam. I began feeling more confident and wanting nothing more than to develop my studies even further. Upon taking a variety of classes to find my calling, I took Abnormal Psychology. My professor was an absolute blessing. His teaching tactics made me realize that psychology as a profession was my purpose. I want nothing more than to use my knowledge and continue my education, in order to help individuals understand themselves and others. Going to college has allowed me to expand my horizons and throughout my journey I will continue to give back to those in need of a helping hand.


So far what I have stated as unique about my school because I haven't started my first day yet.


I received my Bachelor's Degree from Lamar, and I am currently working on my Doctorate Degree. College not only gives you the education you need to get a job, but it also prepares you for life situations. College teaches you how to deal with stress, how to teach yourself new topics, and how to deal with different kinds of people. Classes that enforce writing essays prepare for job opportunities and scholarship opportunities, like this one. My experience at Lamar has been completely remarkable. I have taken a variety of classes, from Sociology to Biology, and from Psychology to American Sign Language. I also met new people that I will continue to have relationships with forever. I am currently enrolled in Graduate School, and I am in classes with seven other people whom I have grown to love and appreciate. We come from different states and different backgrounds, but we clicked from the first day we met and have continued to get closer ever since. I will always remember my college experience, not only because it was necessary in order to get the job I want, but also because of the memories I have from it.


Graduating from high school was a great relief but once that was done, I was ready to start college. I have not yet started college but I did get to visit the school I have been accpeted to. The experience was phenomenal because not only is it a whole new stage in my life but the college is also almost 3,000 miles from home! My family have been supporting the idea of me following through with my dreams since I was in the sixth grade and now seven years later I want to show them why I chose to go into the field I am. Attending the college of my dreams is extremely valuable to me because I do not only want to make my family proud but I also want to make myself proud.


My college experience has given me not just an education, not just a future, but an improved sense of self. What I have gotten from attending college is the knowledge of who I am. I have learned that I am dedicated. I have learned that I am driven. I have learned that I am an achiever and gained respect for myself because I refuse to accept mediocrity. I have proven to myself and those around me that not every college student is preoccupied with hard licquer and promiscuity. I have learned to be positive, to have faith in humanity, and above all to have faith in myself. My experiences at Lamar University have taught me to look past physical differences


If I could go back in time and talk to myself during my high school senior year, I would tell myself to remain strong, and determined. It's important to steer clear on your road to success, therfore, maintain a positve attitude about life, continue to appreciate all the wonderful blessings bestowed upon you, and always remember who you are and where you came from. In life you have to fall in odered to get, so never take anything for granted, and learn from all your mistakes. College is a priviledge, and shall be treated as such. It's a cold world out there so make sure you bundle up and keep your eye on the prize.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would give myself advice on the absolute importance of taking advantage of high school. I would stress the importance of getting involved! Get into everything possible, whether it is sports or an advanced placement class. I would tell myself to start early on applying to scholarships and to not be picky. I would also give advice on researching more on what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and start pursing outside of school. Knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition to college, would have definately given me a boost to my life now.