Lamar University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I am a pretty liberal person, and our school is not involved politically enough. Students aren't active in learning about what's going on in the world. The small town mentality is strong here which is really disheartening.


Overall it was a good school! Most important thing is to arrive to class on time because parking was not so great!


The most frustrating thing at my school is it's hard to make friends. College is very different from what I expected. People here aren't that friendly, and its very boring out here. My god sisters, made it sound so fun but im not really enjoying one bit of it. Everybody here already have there big groups from there high school, and only 2 people came from school. It gets very boring hanging with the same people all the time.


The most frustrating thing about my school would be new teachers that were hired and their lack of comitment as the students. A professor I recently had was new and she did not know how to teach the subject at hand very well. The professor was not really focused on the class but primarily herself.


The most frustrating thing about Lamar would be the parking. There is simply not enough parking for every student and faculty that drives to the campus. Even though faculty has their own designated parking lots, students are continuously taking up those parking lots as well as the designtaed parking lots for students forcing everyone to park where ever possible. Most students have received parking tickets for parking in undesignated areas (i.e. faculty, reserved, and handicapped) just to avoid being late to classes; while others have parked in areas far from their classes and walked long distances to those classes.


The most frustrating thing about Lamar University would have to be when required to cooperate with the campus book store. They rarely order enough books and sometimes they do not stock all of the teachers' requirements. But now, thanks to many various textbook websites, this is not too big of a problem.


Mosquetoes. Every time you stem out of a building, you are attacked by swarms of bloodthirsty pests. The worst thing is they do not respond to off or any other type of repellant and are attracted to sweat. When the school sprays, the mosquetoes just get worse and the only relief that a person has from them is the winter and spring, which in my opnion is too short for the simple fact that in Texas, the only type of weather that get here are HOT sweaty summers and wintery COLD snaps that merge into spring then back to summer.


I was frustrated by the ants that were in the dorm.


The most frustrating thing about my school is dealing with the people in the financial aid office! They act like they hate when we have questions about our money. It seems that everyone has a different answer to the same exact question, so you really don't know who's telling you the right thing to do. They seem like they hate to explain themselves, and they are always quick to get an attitude with you when you say that another worker gave you a different answer to the question you ask them.


The only thing that is the least bit frustrating at school is the fact that thier arent many on-campus jobs available.


The financial aid department. I've made some mistakes when it comes to my GPA but I'm trying to fix that. Last semester I had a lot of family issues and wasn't able to pull the 2.5 required to keep my aid. I received a 2.0 and tried to appeal but was still denied even after explaining my situation.


some bad professors


Financial aid process


Lack of extra-cirricular activities


THe most frustrating thing about lamar is how close minded some people can be...