Lamar University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


That the truth behind how different it was going to be from high school to college in regard to studying was completely true. In high school studying wasn't that hard or sometimes not necessary but in college it's completely necessary and at times overwhelming.


That the school was so conservative. It's not as bad as it could be, but I wish it was more progressive in its ways. There aren't any plans in place for recycling or activism, which was surprising for a university campus.


Before enrolling at Lamar, I wish I had known how much applying for Financial Aid would be a slow and sometimes frustrating process. I also wish I had been more financially prepared. I did not work the summer before I came to campus so I hadn't saved up any money. Now have learned my lesson. Always have a little bit of money before school starts and complete the Financial Aid paperwork early, and always stay updated.


One thing I wish I knew before I went to that school is how small the town.


I wish i had known about how many scholarships out there because school expences were higher than i thought. And also its a lot of work but if you manage your time wisely it's not a big deal.


I wish I had known when I first started school that it was less expensive to buy my books online or that you could just rent the books that you know you were not going to use again!!!! Would have save lots of money!!!!


Lamar Univeristy has a very wonderful nursing program.


I wish I had know how great I would actually enjoy this college, regardless of being raised in the same city. I let the fact that I was raised here interfere with my judgement , and I "learned the lesson" the hard way by choosing a different college at first.


Wish I would have known about the mutant bugs that inhabit this part of Texas. About two days ago, a huge mutant cockroach crawling up the door of my bathroom. i couldn't scream because my roommate is terrfiied of bugs but it was blocking the door. Suddenly the roach turns and looks back at me and growls or emmitted a masculine chirp and tried to attack me. It doggie jumped onto the toilet paper instead. After I finally killed the little mutant I was forced to throw the whole roll of toilet paper in the trash. What a waste.


If I were back in high school and someone asked about my plans, I'd say that my first priority was to learn what the options were. You don't need to be in a rush to choose your life's work. What you need to do is discover what you like. You have to work on stuff you like if you want to be good at what you do.


The high school I came from was primarily white, and coming to Lamar was a culture shock to me. There are various ethnicities represented at Lamar, and each student I've met has a unique personality. I had to teach myself how to study once I got to college because high school does not prepare you enough for it. I also wish I would have known about more scholarship opportunities available to me, so that I would not have had to get student loans.


That people change when they enter a new environment and meeting new people has never been a good thing for me. I do miss my close friends alot.


I wish I had known to save more money and to not have spent so much on the little things. Discovering the importance of money has broaden my decisions on what is necessary versus what is wanted such as textbooks versus cute dresses. Now knowing the essentials of money, I'm learning to save and earn money without spending it on the wants in my life. Though money comes as an essential, there are still other more important priorities in life that must share the focus, such as family, so it's important to not become blinded by greed.


you only had to take the pre-requisite to get into the nursing program and then when in the program you can the basics along with your nursing classes. also i wish i would've known that the financial aid process was complicating and time consuming. As well as the campus bookstore is not the cheapest way to get books, i would prefer to get mine from online websites.


Before coming to Lamar, I wish I would have known how important it is to apply for as many scholarships as possible. I've learned that being in the top five percent of your class with many extra curricular activities does not bring as much financial help as expected. I wish that I would have known this from the beginning so that I could try to find more helpful opportunities to maximize my student experience because as of now I am in many ways limited to what I can do by college expenses.


is it a party school?


I wish I had known how much work it was going to take to be a successful college student. Also, I wish I would have known to make friends from the beginning.


I am an accounting major and I wish I would have known that in the degree plan the classes that must be taken have to be in a certain order and are only offered certain semesters making it hard to plan your schedule and time so that you can graduate soon.