Lamar University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I consider the best thing about my school is the nursing program. I wanted to attend this school because of my past of having cancer and me wanting to help others. Lamar nursing program is one of the best in the state of Texas. Lamar has help many students with the nursing program. I want to be one of the graduates to say that I went to Lamar University and had the best knowledge needed to get to RN. Lamar is a friendly and very fun active school towards students. They help you to fit in and come very comforable.


Lamar university is Beaumont, Tx everything revoles around us the student people are so glad to see new student attending around town... thats what makes use unique


The campus size not to big very easy access to your professors


It is close to home and offer a great degree plan for my nutrition degree


The diversity of the student body would be the best thing about Lamar. I say this because everything academically and financially is equal in distribution with no regards towards anyone's ethnic background. Also, when you apply for a competitive job, there is no worry of the employer ever having a steretypical thought about you going to a completely diverse school rather than going to an all black or white school. Although many professional careers are racially or sexually unequal, your school choice does not have to be.


Lamar is a growing university. Every year it adds thousands of students to its rosters. I think the best thing about Lamar is its growing reputation. We are currently in the process of adding our football team back and the school spirit is already growing. Lamar's students are passionate about their school, and they continue to strive to improve the university. Numerous voluntary donations have helped remodel and add to the already beautiful campus. Students get a genuine college experience at Lamar.


I enjoy how many opportunities there are to get help and assistance from trained, qualified people. There are multiple places to see the vast amounts of information you can get from culturally and economically different people through the student centers. This campus does not feel like a vast place full of unrecognizable people. It maintains a grounded sense with the many ways to get involved with the student body. I get a real sense that it is somewhere that I belong because of the small class sizes and willingness of fellow classmates to help you succeed.


The nursing and engineering program, people from around the world come for that.


I believe that the class size is one of the best things about Lamar University. All of the classes I have been in have not had too many students in them. The benefits that a smaller class brings are a better learning experience and more opportunities to ask questions. As students at Lamar, we are provided with an opportunity to work alongside professors instead of teaching assistants and can obtain a better feeling of the field we are entering.


The best thing about Lamar is the jobs that students can get after graduating because of this school.


the best thing about lamar is the friends i made. My current roommate is a cool person who i trust, which is is a hard thing for me to do w/ people beyond my bloodline. I hope as we get older we stay very good friends!


I consider the small size of the school the best because we are able to have a good relationship with our professor.


I think the people at Lamar University are very freindly and they are able to help me with anything.


The best thing about my school is the readiness of the teachers to try their best to help me however they can. I don't have to travel a long distance from home either.