Lamar University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


Something that I brag about is that I came to Lamar dreading taking any type of math class. But as the semester went along there was so many tutors avaialable to help in any area of study you may need help in. Their tutoring services are free and they are very friendly and patient with the students.


Lamar university has a good communications program, and you will meet a lot of interesting people that can help you along with your future.


I brag most about the size of my classes when i tell my friends about my school, because they are small. Also about how big our dorms are.


I like telling people how well the professors work with me and my work schedule.


It is university which provides best faculty for students who are interested in Data minng and computer networks,funding is also available more for the students who get the admission here


While attending Lamar University, i received excellent guidence from my professors/instructors. Throughout the 2 years in attendance, I gathered useful information that prepared me for interviews, creating a portfolio and skills as a new coming teacher. I was president of the National Art Education Association on campus, which allowed me to experience on hands activities for teaching art as well as hold workshops for active students/teachers to attend.


I brag mostly about the proffessors and atmosphere of the school. It is very clean and everyone is pretty friendly.


I love the professors they are very caring about their students and want them all to succeed, and they are willing to help anyway possible. I love how the campus is very diverse and I can be introduced to all different backgrounds, and how there is so much school spirit and everyone that attends the school seems to really be happy that they are there.


I have a great group of friends at Lamar, and I met most of them at the Baptist Student Ministry (BSM). I love the diversity of personalities and life stories. There are upper classmen that I can get advice from and lower classmen that I can encourage. I think a lot of people lose themselves in the attempt to find themselves in college, but I know that the atmosphere provided at the BSM keeps me from making so many of the mistakes that are common for college students. This group of people has truly become my college family.


The things i brag about most at Lamar University is there or so many Great teachers and professors that or one on one with you, constantly helping you with getting your assignments in on time and really exponding on what they or teaching to you. This school has lots of programs that helps out with getting you experience for after you graduate .


How hard my classes are that i received A's in, and my GPA.


Most people my age have graduated college already and only ask me how my classes are going. My main comment to them is that because I am an older student, the professors tend to treat me with great respect.


The fantastic engineering department and technical trade schools. Lamar University started as Lamar State College of Technology and has always emphasized the degree/course plans which have enabled it's students to not only work in technical fields, but also prepares students to work in the local petroleum and related industries immediately upon graduation. Those students interested in "jump starting" their employment can gain an associates degree in a trade field that enables the students to earn a very good living immediately upon graduation.


when I brag about lamar to my friends I tell them that the library and rec centers are good.


about the teachers in my department


The fact that Lamar is the perfect size. The classroom sizes are just right. Not to crowded but not to small either. Your not just a number to your professors they take the time to talk to you when you need it. Also the dorms are really nice, they are newly built and well kept up so you feel right at home. Their is also an all you can eat buffet style dining hall which is also newly built. The campus is kept up real nicely. LU is the place to be. GO CARDS!!!!