Lancaster Bible College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Lancaster Bible College is an excellent experience for those who desire to understand the Bible and to challenge themselves spiritually as well as academically.


Lancaster Bible College is a great school filled with caring professors, staff, administration, and students who want to see you grow spiritually and academically and they will help you do that.


Lancaster Bible College is a school where the faculty, and fellow students, want to see you achieve to your greatest potential; and they are willing to help you push through the bad time and will walk with you in good to see that you get to where you should be.


My school is friendly, fun, instructional, God filled, and amazing.


My school is a place of great community with wonderful professors and staff who genuinely care about students. The classes can be rough, so much can be learned. There are a veriety of majors to choose from both in and out of ministry, but all equip you for work in ministry.


A place where you are surrounded by people that love God and will challenge you daily in your walk with Him.


LBC is a place where many opportunities are provided to learn more about God through classes, chapel, & Bible studies as well as earning a professional degree.


A wonderful caring atmosphere that supports learning and personal growth.