Lancaster Bible College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Lancaster Bible College is best known for providing a sound education based on biblical principles and worldview. We are known as the second best Bible institute in America. Our classes are based on providing us the students with an understanding of how God and our spiritual life fit into the topics we discuss or overall our major.


Professors and advisors that really care and invest in your life.


My school is best known for it's music program and its education department.


Lancaster Bible College is best known for its Christ-centered environment. This school is very accepting and inclusive to all people no matter where you may be in life.


Our school is best known for its academics, sports, and music programs. We have amazing professors that truly care about the students. Our sports programs are fantastic and we have an excellent music program.


My school is known for the great education that it gives to each student. It is also recognized for having one of the best professors anyone could ask for, they are loving, caring and willing to go that extra mile for anyone. This school has such a easy to breathe atmosphere and beautiful people to have everlasting friendships with. It is ran by one of the best presidents any school could ask for. He interacts with students and demostrates a great loving character to every person he encounters. This place will help anyone stretch in many new ways.


My school is best known for being involved in the community.


LBC is best known for it's friendly environment and professors that are more like friends than teachers.


Strong Biblical foundations, training young people for ministry, and teaching young adults how to interpret and live according to the Bible and minister in any life-situation.


The worship team