Lancaster Bible College Top Questions

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I would have to say that the thing that makes this school unique is the fact that it is a home like environment. If you want to live in a place with love and fellowship then this is the place for you. I choose this school because of the openess and care that all the staff and students have expressed for me here. This school is a close knit family working together to make a difference not only in each and every student but also the world.


I liked that LBC was close to family, and I really like Lancaster.


Nobody is made fun of or sticks out because they are different. Groups of friends consist of all "types" of people. Money doesn't matter here.


The combination of small classrooms paired with Christian professors who understand where you are and where you want to get with your education makes this unique. My social work professor continues to be a person who I can come back to for guidance and advice!


LBC sticks to the Biblical principles that it was founded on, yet does not hold to many of the "ridiculus" rules which many other theologically sound colleges impliment (i.e. mandatory skirts, no movies etc.)