Lancaster Bible College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


It's a Christian school. So a Christian that is looking to grow and be challenged spiritually and academically would be a good fit here. Everyone feels accepted around here because the campus is just so friendly. So pretty much all personalities are enjoyed because it adds that much more to the campus.


A person who is eager to live overseas in the future and who has a heart to serve the community.


Lancaster Bible College is a Bible based school and encourages their students to explore the talents that God has given them and grow in there relationship with Jesus Christ. Those who really want to purseure God and recieve a well rounded Biblical education.


The College has good academics. The professors can challenge academically, but they really care and invest in the students. The community at LBC is a wonderful and caring community. I have grown and been challenged not only academically, but spiritually as well. It is a great college if someone is looking for a Biblical basis for college.


Christians and non-Christians. Especially those interested in learning a lot about Christian community.


Someone looking to make a difference in the lives of those they interact with as well as those around the world. Someone striving for excellence in the name of the Lord.


I don’t believe that LBC limits any prospective student interested in the possibility of attending. However, if any probable student looks to attend LBC, he or she first needs to possess a personal relationship with God. Any potential Lancaster Bible College student should be looking for not only an education that will lead to future success; he or she needs to possess a longing to further their knowledge and relationship with the Lord. Building that firm biblical worldview on which students can go out into the world and be successful is the goal of the staff at LBC.


Anyone who has a heart for the Lord and wants to recieve an education that will both prepare them academically for their field while also instilling a solid Biblical foundation for their faith then this is the College for them to attend. There should be a desire to gain academic knowledge in the context of a Biblical setting as the Bible will be used in most classes and is the focal point of the learning here at Lancaster Bible College.


Lancaster Bible College is perfect for a person pursuing a career in ministry or more knowledge in the area of Bible. The Bible and theology knowledge that you will learn is essential and well taught. The faculty in the Christian Ministry Leadership Department are the most personable and grounded professors you will ever meet. They have a strong passion for they do and have years and years of experience in their fields.


Someone who is either an active Christian or who wants to grow in their relationship with God. Also, students who attend should be academically minded and be dedicated to getting their schoolwork done. One's goal should not only be to graduate and enter into a career, but to enter into ministry and to serve others around them no matter what they are doing.


Lancaster Bible College is certainly not your party school or frat house. As the name suggests this is a Bible college and only persons serious about their faith and religion should consider going here. That being said this college boasts a wide variety of people from all walks of life including; musicians, artists, preachers and teachers. If you are the kind of person who is perhaps a little on the conservative side, likes community service and outreach and a place to belong, then this is the place for you. God Bless.




The idle person who should attend LBC is someone who is seeking to grow in their relationship with God. Our school is built upon a biblical foundation shaping us to have a biblical worldview. The person whose heart desires to know God in a more spiritual way should attend LBC. LBC has a wonderful way of developing our understanding to grow in relationship with God.


Someone who is serious about their education, wants a safe and fun environment and is willinging to be part of a community,


Those who are serious about the Lord Jesus and learning more about him!


Christian indeividuals focused on ministry positions or biblically based education.


Christian who is motivated to change others around them and independently strong