Lander University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


The advice I would give myself is apply for as many scholarships and grants as possible because college cost a lot of money that my family nor I have and also any money you recieve for anything save it becase you will need it.


If I could go back in time to my high school senior self I would tell myself to take more chances in college early on. As a upcoming senior I have realized that I'm not so involved as I should be. I was so focused on my academics that I forgot to have things to do in my spare time. So when I'm asked to fill out my extracurricular activities I have nothing to write down. All during high school I played sports, I was never really into organizations. Although now that I've been in college I don't play sports, and I realized I should have gotten more involved with organizations so that I could connect to many other students as well. So my advice to myself would be to not be scared to take more chances, and get involved with more things that your college offers you especially because it seems your college years go by so fast. So enjoy the moments.


I am a decade older than you now. As many times as I’ve wished for the opportunity to go back and start over, the wisdom of my years has taught me a very valuable lesson. Looking back now, I would not change a thing. So I will tell you this… You will make mistakes. A lot of mistakes. Your life will not be easy, and failure will become as familiar to you as your mother’s voice. You will get into trouble and try things you shouldn’t. You will love and you will lose. You will drop out, and you will feel hopeless and lost. But in the end, you will find yourself. Your life will be that of struggle, but you will overcome those obstacles. You will learn from all the mistakes and failures, and you will come out stronger, smarter, and with an iron resolve to achieve your dreams and meet your goals. And you will. You will defy the odds. And on that day when you finally get your degree, the very moment will resound from your being as a chest-pounding affirmation of human triumph and will. Because you knew you could do it.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to learn to do things on time, it makes keeping grades up very easy because these are more points that can be added to the final grade in the class. I would also tell myself to stay focus because it is not hard to get caught up in the college life. With so much freedom and indepence it became harder and harder to remember the reasons that I came to school, but I found myself just in time.


I would twell my past self to try harder in my studies. Also I would tell myself not to sweat the small stuff thats going to happen in the coming years. And also tell myself that this is going to be my job and I need take it serious for going to school will be my job.


Hey Kyle, This is your 24 year old self. "Why am I trying to talk to you right now", I'm sure you're wondering. Well, Kyle the reason for this letter is to let you know that if only you had gone to College right after high school, you wouldn't be in the position that I'm in. Or is it "were" in, or even "you're" in? Don't mind that. I know there's not much appeal by continuing school after you just went through 12 years of it, but TRUST me, get it over with, Kyle. Waiting until you're 24 will make life a lot harder. Sure you'll buy your first house at 22. However, watching your classmates graduate and start their families and careers won't help your outlook on life or your progression. Just get it over with, you'll thank me later, and hopefully I can thank you/me/us when you're through with College at 24, not starting at 24. Also, one last thing, buy stock in Google and Apple before you're 18. You're Welcome. Sincerly, Your future self.


I would tell myself to never give up and finish your work. You will love college but get the most out of high school as much as you can because you cant go back. No excuses, Live for today not for tommorow.


Shareese, the college life is very stressful. I know it's your last year and you want to have fun and it is nothing wrong with that. Just remember your about to graduate soon. All the cost of the books, tuition, dorm, and meals may overwhelm you so try to get a summer job if you can. There will be time you will feel like giving up but you have to pull through and know better days will come. Also, there is so much work and teachers do not care that they have put assignments on the same day as other teachers so you have to work hard and get things done. Another thing, this is major. The partying and friend will get you and your grades in trouble. Stay clear of them as much as possible because believe me, you will not study for a test when you get back at 1 or 2 in the morning. Take your time and think things through and I promise you will come out on top.


Dear Tiffney, I hope you are enjoying your senior year of high school. I am so proud of you for accomplishing so much throughout the years up to this point. You have so much to be proud of with your 3.5 GPA, involvement with Student Government Association, being in the Latin Dance Club and double majoring in Performing Arts and Journalism. While some are so eager to get high school over with, you always had a positive outlook and always found something new to be apart of. I wanted to let you know that you are about to step into the next phase of your life. College is a completely different ball field, a new place, new people and new adventures. You have to stay totally focused when it comes to your academics because college will challenge to help you achieve the knowledge you need for the future. This is a sense of what the real world is like, so don’t be afraid to join organizations and experience what college has to offer. I really want you to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment of it. I wish you the best and much success!


Back in time I would tell myself as a high school senior, not to freak out about scholarships. During the course of my first year of college, I constantly told myself that I going to fail and lose all my scholarships by the end of the year. When test scores and homework assignment grades started coming in and not being all that great, I got more stressed out and began missing assignments. I would tell myself that I would do better the next time but, I still wasn’t doing well. I played it off by pretending I didn’t care and that it doesn’t matter. By the end of the year, I had really lost all my scholarships. Back in time I would tell myself to find some way, any way to get all studying and homework done in the library. I have found that studying in the dorm room can bring about numerous distractions and increase procrastination. For a long time I have always hated writing papers. Whenever I got stuck, I would find something else to do or push it back to the next day until it’s a day before it’s due.


Assuming I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, right away I would tell myself to not take any breaks from going to school. Do not say to you “I will take a short break from going to school and go back later”. Knowing what I know now that would be the best advice I give then self. I guess you can tell I ended up taking a break from school after getting my AA. I do wish I would have just continued my education. Procrastination only leads to more procrastination. I am still needing to peruse my bachelors when I could have years ago.


If I could go back in time and speak to myself as a senior in high school, I’d first tell myself to sit down and really think about what I want to go to college and major in, and not choose my major because of pride or stubbornness, but to choose something that’s truly fulfilling, and will make me happy. I would tell myself to not be so hard on myself, that college is difficult, and sometimes I will excel in some classes better than others, and just because I didn’t make an A in a class, I fought for it, I tried my hardest, and a B doesn’t make me any less intelligent. Last, I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships as possible, because my parents aren’t going to be able to help, that paying for college on your own is hard, and it’s even harder to work during nursing school. Although I’ve learned many lessons in college, I can’t go back and change the past, but I apply these lessons to the present so I can have a successful college future.


I would tell myself that I need to focus on school and studying. Friends and fun can come later on. I would have applied myself more to my school work to boost my GPA up, because the higher the better. I would study for everything with all the time it took to memorize the material. I would have listened to my parents about doing the very best that I could. They knew what I was capable of. They want nothing but the best for me and to watch me succeed in life by following my dreams.


I would say to take the SAT and ACT more serious and fill out as much scholarships as I can.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would advise myself to not be so stuck on having a social life but more focused on making the Dean's List. Not having much of a social life my senior year, I would tell myself that it's okay and that time for fun and partying will always be there but receiving an education is very limited especially with how the economy is today. I would also tell myself to be mindful of the people I hang around and remember what my father always told me, " everyone who smiles in your face, is not your friend." The last piece of advice I would give myself would be to limit my distractions and always keep my eyes on the prize, which is my Bachelor's Degree.


Thus far in my college experience, one thing that I have gotten out that I cherish above all is my new skill of problem solving. Growing up, I was'nt big on solving my own problems. I would always seem to count on receiving a free pass or someone else doing my job for me. I pretty much was spoiled throughout my years of education and once I arrived in college, everything changed up real fast. My first semester, I am almost certain that none of my professors knew my name and that was no ones fault but myself. I realized after failing miserably in two of my courses that it is no longer the teachers job to know their students hence, it was time for me to grow up and go do things myself. I had to go find teachers during their office hours and get to know them. I also had to put forth many more hours in the library than I ever had prior to. My college experience has done well by me and I am just greatful that God gave me the strength to make it this far because not many can endure the task.


I have gotten a new and improved sense of self out of college. I first went to college in 1994 and everything was written or typed and handed into the professors, however now things are totally different. I love the fact that now it is 2011 and I am back in college however this time I am downloading, uploading and emailing assignments. I am by no means an old person but if you look at it I have been in school a long time and just for me to be able to adapt and learn and transform myself I am truly proud of what I am able to do and it is because of my college experience that I have been able to do all or these things.


I had planned to continue my education by going to college, not knowing what was going to happen or if i was prepared. When i first got here I wasn't sure what I had gotten myself into. Like many freshman college students I was just a little bit terrified. I thought that it was going to be survival of the fittest and I wouldn't last. I was definitely wrong. Coming out of high school I was always a hardworking student and always tried my hardest so when I got here, even though I wasn't that confident, I was already prepared. Thanks to my great teachers at my high school, I am doing just fine here at college. I feel like I fit right in. All i had to do was continue to work hard and do what I'm supposed to do. College is only hard if you make it hard.


Rather than my childhood coming to an end, I feel as though I have evoled. That I have undergone a metamorphosis of sorts in order to cope with the life of the college student. I feel that I have accomplished something to be proud of, to treasure for as long as I am striving for something. It is a steep incline to travel and an even longer path to tread, but I feel it is worth it and will make a great difference in surviving this world. No longer can a high school diploma keep you in substantial living; now we musst go farther, push harder, and dream bigger than the average vision. The world is ever evolving and changing and we must evolve along with it; for time waits on no man. I have a plan for my life; places I want to be and goals I'm hungry to reach. College will prepare me for the adult world and the rigors that come along with it. In time I will be ready and the world will be place in my hands.


During my college experience, I have learned to be more independent and I have learned to be a leader. I have learned how to make important decisions as well as make decisions on my own. Lander has been a valuable college to attend because the small classroom settings and the experienced professors has helped me learn as much as possible about my major; Business Management.


If I could go back in time to where i was a senior in high school to give myself advice about college I would tell myself alot. First i would tell myself to keep my grades up. College is so tough and their grading scale is different then high school. So its easy for your grades to go down the drain. Second, I would tell myself to stay on top of my work and take advantage of the free tutors Lander University has to offer. It sucks failing class. I learnd the hard way not taking my first semester serious. I faild 3 classes. This brought my gpa way down and I got till the end of the summer to bring it up to keep my life scholarship. I was disapointed in myself, but this semester I am on top of my game. Third i would tell myself to dont fall under peer presure. I fell under this about going out knowing i had an early class the next morning, had homework, or other work to do. There are more thing I would tell myself but these are the main things I would tell myself to prepair me for college.


If I could run into the Mya of the beginning my senior year of high school, I would grab a hold of her and say, "Take yourself more seriously! Find a school that you really want to attend; research it thoroughly, visit the campus if possible, and do everything that you can to get there." The problem that I encountered my senior year was that I didn't believe in myself enough, and I didn't want to ask for help in trying to find the right fit for college. I applied to an Ivy League college--which if I had puched myself more, I would have had a better shot at being accepted, or at least wait-listed--but I didn't get accepted. Because I put all of my hope into getting into this one place, I hadn't really thought much about any other colleges, so I had to scramble at the last minute to find a college, just so that I would be enrolled and attending one. I regret my decision so much, because I cut my potential short and settled on a college that only offered some of the qualities I wanted.


I believe everyone has yearned, at some point, to go back in time, and tell their younger selves what they should do to better prepare for the big question of what will life be like in the future. I can tell you that I have changed a lot in the past year not only has college shaped my view on life, but it has also revolutionized my attitude towards reaching my goals. If I were allowed the opputunity to jult back in time and give the younger me advice, it would be quite simple, "just be yourself, and stop sweating the future." I know that things will always work out if you want them to, that theory is called the law of attraction, and stressing over college did not get me any further. What did allow me to advance was being honest with myself and not allowing any single person on the face of this earth talk me down.


I would tell myself to continue at the path I was going but to focus on my priorities a little more. This would most likely have resulted in more money for school. I was and still am, making good grades. I have been on the Dean's list, All A's with 1 or 2 B's, every semester since I've been in college. But this lack of focus on my priorities has resulted in me attaining 2 $5,000 loans instead of the money that I could have gotten.


Dear Senior Becca, Heed my warning: start applying for scholarships now! You should probably also start putting some money from your two jobs away for tuition. School is ridiculously expensive and it's harder to get scholarships as you get older. Start getting situated and look into housing because it'll make it so much easier on you. Also, you should keep up with studying after you graduate. Do not stop learning things. It'll make it so much easier once you go to college if you keep your mind fresh on the subjects you're going to be studying. Get a job where you have to use your brain for calculations and such to keep your mind strong. I hope you actually listen to me because I know you're stubborn and think everything will work out on it's own, but stop procrastinating! Get on it now. Trust me. Love, Your Future Self


I would advise myself to be academically challenged, learn new study skills, and be consistent in my work. I would also tell myself to try new things and become active with the campus community because other people tend to root or your success as well as their own. Be yourself and become more responsibel for yourself and your education, after all, its not high school anymore. No one is going to baby you, they are only going to push you to do better.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would make sure to not worry as much as I did about the transition from high school to college. I would tell myself that there are hundreds of students in the same position, all trying to find friends and find a new home away from home, so there's really nothing to worry about. I would tell myself that although this wasn't the school I originally chose for myself, Lander is a great school with a close family atmosphere that will has an outstanding Nursing program which is the whole reason I'm going to school. I would tell myself to just go for it and make friends and talk to every person that I could talk to. I would make sure that I knew that choosing Lander was a great decision that would benefit me greatly in the long run.


Some advice that I would give my high school self is that college is totally different from high school. The professors expect more out of students and expect us to do the work and study. I think the one thing that I would empasize to my high school self is to change my study habits and not to procrastinate at all. Procrastination is so easy to do in college and it will get you behind quick. I would also tell myself to be more open and talk to others more because always being the quiet person is not always the best thing to do. I would tell myself to be open to meet new people and to learn to make new friends because every one else is most likely just as nervous as I am on the first day. I would also tell myself to just be myself because that is all that I could be.


If I knew what I know now I wouldv'e focused on my studies. I also wouldv'e spent more time preparing for the ACT. There were several colleges that I wanted to attend but couldn't get in because of their required GPA and ACT/SAT scores. When my mother was telling me to study more for exams, I shouldv'e listened to her. (Mother knows best) I worked an almost fulltime job my junior year of highschool and this affected my grades also. I also realized that the more College Prep or Advanced classes that you take, makes your academic record look good. I didn't start these classes until my Junior year of high school. Why??? I was afraid of failing the classes. I took them and to my surprise I did very well. The college that I chose to attend in the end, I feel was the best decision that I made. I am a quiet person and the schools' campus is small . I have made a smooth transition into college life. I have also learned better study habits and have learned from my high school year mistakes not to take them through my college life.


If I could go back and tell myself what I know now about the transition to college life, I would tell myself that I need to take more AP classes in order to knock out as many GenEds as possible to make room for my core classes. I would also tell myself not to room with some one I already know because that always ends in disaster. Rooming with some one you don't know allows you to establish a bond based on living with that person, whereas living with some one you already know only lets you see a side of them you weren't aware of. Most of all I would tell myself that college isn't what they make it out to be and the transition into dorm and campus life isn't all that bad. It's actually kind of fun and exciting, so don't stress out so much about it! Relax and enjoy what every one refers to as "the best days of your life."


As now a mom of three children, I am now experinced to say an education is one of the most important things to providing for yourself and your family. Study hard in school, and it will pay off.


If I were a high school senior, I would tell myself to work hard and always give my best. I would tell myself about the different distractions that I would come across in college, and how I shoulld always stay focused and never let anything cloud my better judgement. I would tell myself, the key to being succesful in college is to study and to spend your free time wisely (mostly on your school work). Many people can get side-tracked their first semester with all the fun, and non-school related activities, so you have to stay focused. You will meet many new people and will be introduced to many new things, but always make sure you are around the right peoplpe and things. For fun, it is great to get involved in different school organizations instead of participating in off-campus activities that can get you in to trouble. Do well in high school, so that you can baecome part of a great university, and once you get there, continue to do well so you can becoome part of a great company, industry, organization, or etc. when you graduate form college. Just study hard and do your best.


Work hard! The harder you study now the more scholarships you will receive in college and every little bit helps! Also don't be afraid to join new groups freshman year in college, it's a great way to meet people!


Make sure you weight out all of your options before choosing where you would like to go. Also it's good to do your research to find out what kind of learing enviroment would best fit you.


Before making any decisions about where to attend, always visit the school and find as much information about that school as possible.


Don't slack off and save your money!


The advice I would give to anyone trying to find the right college and making the most out of the experiment would be simple. I would advise them to research their college and make sure it s the school they want to attend. I would then tell them to stay focused, no matter what the situation is because once grades drop, its hard to pull them up. I would also tell them to join some clubs, volunteer, make the best they can out of know study hard, do something to relieve stress such as hang out with friends, and study some more. I would tell them that education is one of the top important things in life and without it you've accomplished basically nothing. The reason my advise would be so short and simple is because that's the kind of advise that most people remember and its helpful. An advise thats 15 minutes will be used wisely rather than one thats an hour long because of its length. An hour long advise will not stick to a person as well as a 15 minute one, hense the reason for my short advise.


Visit on campus, talk to current students, sit in on classes.


When you first get to college be as social as you can. You don't have to join alot of clubs or fraternites or what have you. Just be open to the people around you and you'll make tons of firends. Go to class! Even though you partied until 3 that morning you need to roll your hung over butt out of bed and go to class. Parents: make your child stay in a dorm their first semester because it is part of the college expierence.


I would tell them to go around and visit a few schools first before deciding. Look at the overall acedemics as well as the social settings. Then, look at financial aid and ways to pay for the school so they burden doesn't have to fall on them. I would also tell them to look at the area that the school is located in. Visit the local shops and see what activities there is outsie of school may somewhere the students can work. Also would also tell them to have a friend go to the school so that it won't be too hard or stressing trying to find someone to hang out with.


Visit more schools to get a better comparison.


Choose the college that gives the most financial aid, aka scholarships and grants:)


Choose the college you feel is right for you and don't go by what others want you to do. You only live your life once and you have to make youself happy to enjoy it.