Lander University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing about Lander is that the classes are small.This means that you can get to know your professor on a personal level.


The class size is the best thing it helps me to get to know my professor. Also at this school you're not just a number in a class which I really like.


The best thing about Lander University is that the classes are small. Students can get one on one time with there teachers. Teachers are willing to take time to help you and so are the FREE tutors here too. Which is a big plus. Students here take advantage of it and so do I.


Lander University has a pretty small campus compared to most four year schools, it takes no longer then five minutes to go from class to class. I have only been attending Lander for two semesters and seem to have a good grasp on most of the professors, and faculty.


The small size. It helps to create a better learning experience. It allows for more one-on-one relationships between students and teachers in the classroom.


It's a small town school.


Lander is a great university in a quaint town. The professors are very interested in the students well being and are really there to help students.


Nothing, it's boring and VERY OVERPRICED!!!


The best thing about my school is its size. Because my school is a small school, there is not a lot of students in the class which gives the teacher and student access to know one another personally and the students learn better.


I think the best thing about my school is the size. The smaller the better.