Lane College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Someone who loves being outdoors, and around a very scenic campus. Class sizes are small, so extra attention can be paid to each student.


I believe only serious students should apply to this school. This is a very good school with a rich heritage. I think students that are only attending because their parents are making them go to school should have a serious talk to their parents.


Hardworkers ! Any one who is ready to learn and put in the hard work to learn. Many people want everything to be easy in life. Lane College proves that everything may not be easy but everyone can make with hard work and drive.


If you're family oriented and serious about your education you should attend this school. Anyone who's used to small town environment or anyone who wants to experience a small town environment should attend this school.


No, student should attend lane college. Lane is not a very well organized school. In the least, you should only attend Lane college if you have no other college to attend.