Lane Community College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


My school is best known nationally and internationally for its excellence and students success.


They are known for a few things, one of them is their arts program. They have a wide variety of art, dance, music and theatre classes that all have a good reputation. The school also puts on a lot of productions such as musicals and dance preformances that get a lot of attention in the community. The school is also known for their nursing program; many people come to the school just for that program.


My school is best known for being in beatiful Eugene, Oregon. Which has often been voted best town for biking, college music and being pedestrian friendly. All of which is great for college students. Ease of travel and beatiful scenery all encourage a successful learning experience.


To me, Lane Community College is most known for its welcomeness to accept new and returning students (especailly helping those returning to school after 2 or more years). They have a GREAT automotive and nursing program.


For helpin people get the best out of their classes