Lane Community College Top Questions

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The sheer amount of technical classes.


AMAZING dental hygiene program.


The school I'm attending is a community college and there is wade range of peolpe that go there. The school is a starting point for people that want to get a better education. Some of the students that attend class here just want a associates degree or they want to transfer to a university to get a bachlors degree. Its unique because the students that attend class here have such different pasts, but yet there attending school for the same rewards.


Lane is rated very highly amongst the community is Eugene. They have a great direct business transfer program into the UofO or they offer a 2 year business degree as well. After going to a community college in Salem I have to say that Lane has been by far superior in staffing and guidance counseling. You really get the sense that teachers care about your future.


Something unique about my school is that its landscaping includes edible plants, meadows of tall grasses, and a forested area behind the school that is a successful permaculture project. There is also a student run co-operative garden that provides produce to the cafeteria kitchens and to the culinary program. With these established, sustainable practices in place, the campus is now focusing on minimizing outflow of any type of garbage. Numerous compost bins have been installed and there is a real sense that the school community is working together.