Lane Community College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The community in the nursing program is very tight, the professors are fantastic and helpful, and the coursework is rigorous and engaging.


What I like to brag about my school are the great health programs that they have for their students. For example their nursing program, even though it's very competetive the students who get in have great opportunities. Since the school is known to have great nurses jobs are offered to students before they even graduate.


I show everyone the pictures of the sculpture work I do. I have taken mostly art classes and have been encouraged and mentored throughout each class. Lane has a really nice sculpture department, woodworking, ceramics/pottery, painting, drawing, fiber arts dept. I can only speak to those as they are all I have been involved with, the art department is staffed by several of the professors from the U of O and class sizes are smaller and more personal. There is a nursing program that is weell respected in the area as well.


When talking to my friends, I brag that I am in school and that it is hard to find an excuse not to be. Earning a degree is likely the single most important thing you can do to gain advantage in a given field or the workforce. When I brag that I am in school, I also brag that I work full-time but still manage to go despite my other responsibilities.


The class sizes are small, and the instructors are able to be involved in the students performance in his or her class.


I am not really a "bragger" but, I do go on about how much I enjoy writing stories, and how I feel that I have a creative mind. Do not misunderstand me, I feel that everyone is creative in their own way. My way of creating stories, my be as different as anyone else. When I am free to write whatever I please, I get my visual discription on paper that allows me to enjoy this part of myself. I share a lot of my work to the public and love reading my stories.


I tell them how dedicated the teachers and staff are to the success of the students attending. I tell them about the fact that the class size is small enough that each student receives an ample amount of individualized attention that aids in their success. I brag about the vast variety of diverse students that attend Lane Community College and how comfortable that makes the atmosphere.


Lane has a reasonable number of students in the classes, instructors that are very willing to help, and a pretty big variety of classes to choose from. The best part of Lane, in my opinion, is the instructors. We have lots of passionate, down to earth instructors that are very approachable and really want to help their students succeed.