Lane Community College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The red tape.


The fact that I have to pay rent while I attend school; I live in a different state than my parents and I have to support myself rather than focus on my education entirely. The school itself is phenomenal!! The one thing that could be improved is their refund policy. Currently students must drop a class during the first week of the term to receive a full refund so we can register for a different class/ teacher. My advice would be to fully engage yourself in analyzing and choosing your classes during week 1 to ensure they suit you well.


The parking is the most frustrating thing about the school. I think it is great that the school has teamed with public transportation and offers everyone a bus pass, but if you can't take the bus and need to drive it is very difficult to find parking. I show up to school usually more than an hour before my first class so I don't have to keep driving around to find parking.


The most frustrating thing about Lane Community College is having the time and money to be able to afford it. Working full-time to support a family is difficult when you are trying to complete your college education.