Lane Community College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing, hands down, about lane is that there's more than just a handful of classes that you have the opportunity to take. For example, you can get a medical degree without having to take extremely specific psychology classes - you have the option of picking from five different courses, depending on what interests you and your personal goals.


Every staff and faculty member I've encountered at Lane Community College has been friendly and helpful. This is important to attain and retain new and existing students. There are option to go online and to University of Oregon; so a positive environment that strives to meet students' needs is appreciated.


It is a reasonably priced school technical school.


From day one I have really been impressed by my teachers. They all seem to really want students to succeed personally and academically, and are willing to help in any way they can. I did not expect to find such friendly, personable people that enjoy what they do and have a personal interest in my success. It makes being a student a little more enjoyable having teachers that care.


I think the best thing about my school is their focus on not just teaching you, but training you for your feild of study. In order to complete many of the degrees you must complete an internship. This gets us out and practicing what we are studying about.


I think the best thing about Lance Community College is the tutoring centers. They have centers for almost every subject where you can go and get tutoring by a peer and usually a member of faculty. So far I have had great souses with going and talking to the teachers during their office hours.


The best thing about this school is it's diversity. There are people from all walks of life that go here. This is my first term and I have already met some great people in each of my classes. The teachers here are all very good as well. If I have any questions about the class they are always willing to help out right away and are available via in person or email. Using Moodle is very helpful to ask questions when you need help also.


What I like most about Lane Community College is how every classroom has just the right amount of students, so you are able to get to know everyone including the teacher on a more personal level than you would at a university. I also enjoy the atmospehere. Everyone is so friendly and it's not hard finding someone that you can connect with.


I think that my favorite aspect of my school's campus is the open spaces and the beautiful edible plants that are planted throughout. It's really wonderful, on a nice day, to be able to sit in the grass, soak up the sunshine, and maybe snack on a few mint leaves or a strawberry while I'm at it.