Langston University Top Questions

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What's unique about my school compared to others is that as a campus we are team, and we respect eachother. We are lions and we are a strong school who's prepare for anything.


I come from Los Angeles, California and in my opinion what's so different about my school than other schools in my hometown is that they let us stay at campus during weekends and holidays unlike in California, students have to spend the weekends with their members. The campus is alos widely open and so crowded unlike UCLA. Dorms have ectra space and the school offers a variety of scholarships to outsiders.


It is a Historically Black University, although it is very diverse with faculty and students.


Langston University is unique to me because we get a chance to learn about our history and how our school became a university. On the one-year anniversary of Oklahoma statehood, April 22, 1890, Langston City was officially established. Promoted by its founders, one of whom was prominent African American Edwin P. McCabe, who was influential in the selection of the site of Langston University, the city of Langston had a population of 600 and had 25 retail businesses by 1892, the year in which a common school was built and opened with an enrollment of 135.


The school's curriculum is set up so that when you are finished in 4 years you can have both an Associates Degree and a Bachelor's degree. Also, campus housing is structured so that everyone has their own room and share a bathroom with only on other indivdual.