Langston University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Students who shouldn't attend this school should be those who are not interested in making a change for their own lives, those who are not willing to go further up ahead than any let down that they had experienced. In my response, everyone is welcome to come here to this 4-year institute but of course if students, adults or any people are not interested in it then, we should prefer to repest their own actions.


People who are not willing to learn or listen to their professors. Those who does not have goals in life and dont want to be somebody in life. Inmature people that think that everything in life is just fun and a game.


the kind of person i think shouldnt attend this school is a person that does not like to be invovled. thats the only way you will enjoy yuorself at Langston is if u get involved with the few activities they do have on campus. Although Langston does not have much activities to do, they do have alot of clubs to join.


The type of people that shouldn't atten Langston University, are the ones who are trouble makers and looking to just have a good time.




A person who wants a very diverse student population because most of the population is African American. A person who doesn't like the small population shouldn't attend. Someone who is does not want to mostly walk everywhere, for the most part, because it is a very small campus compared to most campuses.