Langston University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I had a chance to go back and speak with my high school senior self I would walk right up to her and look her straight in the eyes. I would then say "stay focused". I would have a conversation with her about her goals and dreams and the ways to prevent set backs. I would tell her that she needs to be responsible and get herself on birth control since she is sexually active with her partner and use protection always. I would tell her that knee injuries happen all of the time and to remain focused on getting a basketball scholoarship. Opportunities for a student athlete are endless. I'd tell her that she will meet so many new people and travel to many places. There are tones of successful men in this world and she should not focus on this man. If he loves her, he will find her in the future. I would say to her that her future is very bright and that an educated beautiful black woman is powerful.


The advise that i would give myself is to apply for scholarships in the fall of my senior year. Create new study habits that would keep us involved into the subject. Study hard for the SAT/ACT exam so that your first semester of college wont be your 13th year of high school. Get active in your school and community as that will help your application into college and scholarships. Explore many options before deciding what you really want to do. Just have fun yuor senior year because your first year of college won't be as easy.


If i could go back in time, I would tell myself that college can be very expensive and too not worry about the money keep track of your education and standards. Knowing what I know now I would give myself advice to do better things. I would prepare myself for the obstacles that's going to come my way. I would allow myself to manage my time, and listening skills. Highschool prepares you for college, and college prepares you for a better future ahead of you. I would try to understand college material more better. so that i can better myself. College can be a great expeince for most people as well.


If I could back in time and talk to my high school senior self I would say to go to school. I would say that ditching was not worth it and it just made things harder for my self when it didn't need to be and I lost a lot of valuble class time. I would also tell myself to not put off how to pay for college. I thought I would have so much time to worry about it and now I'm struggling finding money for school. Another important thing I would tell my self is get a job and save money because it really does make a difference.


If I could go back, I would tell myself to apply for as many scholarships and grants as I could. I would also tell myself to focus on academics.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a senior in high school, I would tell myself to apply to the local community college instead of all of the big universities that I was automatically accepted to. Due to the fact that I fell into the top ten percent rule, I was automatically accepted into major universities that cost thousands of dollars. I could have easily taken the same classes at the community college for a hundred dollars at the most and then transfered when I was ready. If I would have known that back then, I am sure I would have chosen to stay and attend the local community college.


If I was to go back in time a year back and be a senior, it would be my year of success. I won't let noone or any disgust get in my way to pursue my goals. I would be participating in any former clubs held at after school, play tennis or volleyball to get scholarships. I would also be taking college classes and honor or ap classes in order for me to get elected from many colleges. It would be a hard task. I would not waist time and push myself, motivate myself that I can precieve any challeges and make that effort be worth it. By when graduation came, I would be graduating in honors and also begin working to save up for college expenses and be awarding for scholarships.


Assuming that I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself you need college more then you think. This is the year to really work on scholarships, network, getting advice from different college students. I would say, " Go on more college tours to get the field on what's out there". You're at a point where you have to find a path to take. Also, knowing that you can succeed in life. It's more then finding a career, but also finding a new and exciting life to live.


I would encourage myself to continue to study hard. Grades are extremely important. I would warn myself just how easy it is to become distracted and I would have to surround myself with people with the same short term goals. I would spend as much time as I could with my family. Most kids my age can't wait to leave so they won't have ANYONE to tell them what to do. I didn't realize just how much I would miss everyone. How much I took for granted. I would tell myself to sit back and absorb all that I could talking with my family about life or just the weather. I would run around the house with my dogs because sometimes I wonder if they will remember me for my visits home are getting so far and in between. I would get up early and sit with my mom because she says its much more peaceful and beautiful. I can spend as much time trying to understand just what that means because getting up early is NOT a good thing! I would say enjoy HS as long as you can because the REAL work is ahead!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a highschool senior I would have told myself to stay focus. Also I would tell myself to plan ahead and stay focused on my goals I have in mind.


College education is very important for my future. College is my opportunity to improve my life by having more opportunities to get better jobs, and to encourage my family to go to college.


APPLY YOURSELF! Don't just take it for granted and try as hard as you can in your academics. That doesn't mean don't have fun and make new friends, however it does mean take your acedemics seriosly including high school.


I would tell my high school self to stay focused and that college is not like high school. I would tell myself how important time management is and how crucial it is to effectivly study. Express to myself that talking to my professors is important so they can know who i am and that i am serious about the class and i want to pass. If I ever needed help with anything get help, weather it is borrowing a classmates notes, getting a tutor, even talking to my advisor or teacher about a problem. I would let myself know to stay on top of financial aid, make sure I have all the documents for them. I would say how important it is to follow my plan of study so I could graduate in my planned timeframe. Lastly I would say it is ok to go to parties as long as I finished all studying and homework and LISTEN to my parents! Their advice helps too and they are not just telling me what to do.


If I could go back in time I would have been more into my books and less social. I would most definitely get myself mentally prepared because the transition from high school to college is a big step and your basically a young aduly on your own! I would have also saved up my money because college isn't cheap but at the end it all worth.


I absolutely love Anna Maria College. My experience there is what I want most in life, and I know that my life has been what it should be. If I could redo my life before I got to college, though, I would have worked much harder to find a job that would interest me and help me to earn money to pay for my experience. It is worth each and every penny, but it is certainly a challenge to come up with enough money each semester to pay. There is nothing else that I would think of changing. I went in knowing that I would love being there and I truly do. I love people and have made the best friendships there that will last forever. And, I got so involved; too involved really, but it is a wonderful thing. To anyone considering Anna Maria, please come to campus and meet us. It is so beautiful! You will love it! Ask for help and guidance if you need it, especially financially, and get involved as soon as you can. This will change your life for the better.


I would tell myself back in high school to try harder on my ACT/SAT test and to not worry about the classes I take as much as I did because if I would have took some other classes my GPA wouldn't have been average. I also would've told myself to research on scholarships more because college is extremely expensive. Just overall tell myself to try harder then what I did because i did give up on some things.


Don't get caught up in the parties because you'll just end up spending thousands of dollars to fail. College is too expensive to be dicking around. Treat school like a job, everyday, nine to five. Go hard and it will pay off.


Dear Past Amber, First things first, everything is going to be just fine! I just want to remind you that there is more than one way to cook a duck. The same thing goes for our education! Take full advantage of all the avenues available to learning. Enjoy that first year on campus. Get comfortable with the lay of the land. After that, move off campus and take the money you save and put it towards studying abroad. The trip you take to the Dominican Republic will be unbelievably life changing! You can add to our memories, life experiences and education if you also go to Africa and Malaysia. College is NOT a stepping stone! It is part of the foundation for the rest of our life. So don't go to every party, but do take time for every conversation. Ask every question! And when you meet that shy guy named Chris that you think is amazing, let him know! He feels the same way about you. Seize EVERYDAY! Love, The Older and Wiser one.


During the first semester of college I was more outspoken and I was open to meeting new people. Although I had no other choice but to meet people pi became established of my surrounding very fast. I have been put into situations of peer pressure and been able to resist those curtain temptations. I have been honored to attend Langston University, as Oklahoma only historically black college and making a mark on the community as well as my future and the other who are to follow in my foot steps.


I attended University of California, Riverside and got a BS in Biology and now I am attending Cypress community college to get an R.N. degree. I have learned and gained so much from my college experience. I have learned that there is no such thing as a hard or easy class, it all depends on the way you study for that class. Thinking this way has helped me in my life, situations are controlled based on how you deal with them. I have also gained tremendous respect for elderly people who return to school, just to gain the knowledge. The biggest thing I learned is time management; In the nursing program if your not keeping up with the schedule of readings and skills, you really fall behind and its hard to catch up. So managing life with school is essential in completing the program. The value of attending college is uncomparable because it helps people grow and shape peoples thoughts. There is so much variety in our colleges, we have people from different ages, races, and ethnicity. I have learned about the different cultures by attending college which will he handy no matter what profession I get into.


I've only had limited college experience and that was while attending Hiigh School. I feel that it's very valuable now because I have a daughter that depends on me to make sure that all her needs are met. Its valuable for me to attend school to provide a better life for not only my daughter and myself but to assist my family, which consist of two disabled parents that are currently providing for my sister, cousin, myself and daughter. A college degree will be able to help me get my foot in the door to make a better life for us. With me winning this scholarship it would be of great value to me, it would help me accomplish my goal of the first in my family to recieve a degree. I've over come some difficult situations with being shot at the age of nineteen and alomost losing my life and a car accident a short while after my twenty-first birthday. I have let the shooting hold me back from life and I can no longer continue to live in a shell. Its time I do something that will benifit me forever and always.


I graduated high school in May of 2010. Fortunatly, I received what the state of West Virginia calls the PROMISE SCHOLARSHIP. This was a blessing becasue I knew my mother did not have the means to pay for my college education. Unfortunatly, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer right after I graduated. This was devastating news to my siblings and I. Our mother is the sole supporter of this family, so we were all very worried. Due to my mothers illness, I took a year off from college so that I could save up money in order to pay for my future education. I now support myself as a full time babysitter for two households. This is a very tedious job, but I am so thankful for it because it has allowed me to realize just how important a collge education is. I do not want to babysit the rest of my life. My dream is to go to college and become a Registered Nurse. This goal would be unfeasable without a collge degree.


My parents did not attend college, but always had set "college" as a goal for me since childhood. I guessed their reason was so that I could have a better life than them, perhaps having greater earning potential or a wider array of job opportunities. However, having experienced college myself, I have learned that the college experience has helped me attain far more than financial security. These things cannot be quantified in dollars and cents, but have added a richness to life that I value beyond money. The greatest experience for me has been meeting professors and classmates from all over the country and world. I have learned so much in these interactions. The knowledge, insights, and stories that they each bring have broadened my understanding of the world, enabling me to imagine and think things that I would never have imagined or thought before. I have thoroughly enjoyed classes where discussion and critical thinking is encouraged. There is freedom to represent my own points of view, which encourages me to continue to shape the ideas that I already have within me. The college experience has helped me to become more of who I was meant to be.


As a student in high school, I always had in mind to attend a big university and have an everlasting experience but as time passed I realized it wasnt where you start but where you finish and the effort you put into it. Therefore, I decided to attend a Community College near home, not only were classes are cheaper but they were also easier and considering I had house payments and bills on my sholder I knew it was well worth it. I am currently transferring to big universtiy as I always wished (Universtiy of Houston) and I can say I did the most smart thing any high school graduate could possibly do. Ive learned not only to manage my time wisely but how to be more responsible with procrastination, the value of education and how lucky we are to be in this country were in schools you dont have to pay for anything until we get to college.


the most important thing i can say about my college experience so far is that it has made me grow up. i never lived on my own before this, i didnt know how to cook before this, and i didnt know how to wash clothes. So i can say that college has matured me. College has been a valuable for me to attend because im at one of the top nursing schools in Oklahoma and when i graduate i will be able to find a good job making anough money for me to live comfortably.


In attending Langston University I have learned how to stand on my two feet, and to always take care of my responsibilities. My first year I struggled with a financial problems, but now as a second year college student I have learned to manage my money better and make sure I keep my priorites straight. I have became more independent , hard working , and determined more than ever attending Langston University. I have learned many things attending Langston which I feel is just one piece to my learning puzzle,and has made it a very valuable lesson to attend.


Education for today?s young professionals has many impacts on young professionals today. Even though you have to learn extra to become a professional, your helping yourself financially, how not to make the same mistakes other previous professionals made, and you?re helping your country become more competitive and independent towards other ethnic groups in other countries. Financially, people with higher education can extend others potential and enhances job prospects. Professionals who have attended college achieve more benefits such as vacation time, health care, more interest earning assets, and greater home equity. Most people choose there profession based on the salary instead of the type of work that is required. Going to school for higher education is the best thing to do because of the economic crisis we are trapped in today. With supply going down and demand going up, those who have higher education could help be the professional companies need to create a plan to help balance the uneven economical situation. In order to become a professional with higher power and have a lot of confidence in what you do, you would need to have a lot of experience, which can help us learn from previous professionals mistakes.


I have gotten a good education, thus far. I have learned to build relationships, network. I've made life long friends. I am learning how to compromise. All of these have been valuable to me because Langston University is a great school, once you cut out all the negativity that surrounds the name. It's a great HBCU and I would have maybe never learned all that I have.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life. My life would have been much better. I would'nt have to scramble around trying to worry about money for school getting my mom stressed out. I would be able to afford books for my classes instead of relying on some one to let me used there book because sometime they dont come through.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself, to practice better study habits and note taking methods.


Have a plan before coming to college. Knowing how it will be paid for and tell my parents or relatives a little more about my financial needs. Plus have everything i will need to come to college and be comfortable.


Make sure you are disciplined. College life is a fun, memorable experience, however, it is easy to get caught up in all the "fun" and neglect the real reason you are there, to get an education. There are no parents there to force you to get up and go to class, no one to give you consequences for negative behavior. It is up to you. You will be the first in your family to finish college. Be proud and make the most of it. This is a time for you to learn and grow. Utilize all of the resources available to you. There is a lot of knowledge and wisdom within those college doors, soak it up like a sponge. Knowledge is power and this is the place for you to gain that knowledge. Take advantage of the opportunities that are given to you. I know that you can thrive and be a successful individual.


be focus and study hard to achieve your goals.


I would make sure that I took more accelerated courses in order to prepare me better for college. Unfortunately I had to take a couple of basic courses my Freshman year, which could have been avoided.


i should have applied myself more in high school because my highschool grades are the grades that helps me get into better colleges


I would tell myself to straighten up and plan for the future. Study myself as far as what I'd like to do most for a career. I'd tell myself to plan for college earlier and check up steadily on all financial work, or paper work that may not be finished. Look into different types of careers before just choosing one that may have sounded the best. Try not to catch " senior-itis"! Keep up the good work because it pays off when you get to college, financially and academically. Continue to strive for the best because what you put into something is initially what you receive out of it. Follow through with everything, Keep positive. Stay organized and on top of all things. Reach for the best. Get to know yourself and what you want out of friends. Learn how to interact with anyone and everyone in the right manner with the right manners. Keep strong-minded, ready to take on any task;never give up.


I would tell myself to apply for more colleges, universities, scholarships and make sure I know what i want out of life. I would go back and visit different schools because I never did to get the feel of what my future had in store for me. I would have taken atleast one college coarse my senior year to get me ahead in a coarse while in college.


Some advice I would give to parents and students on finding the right college or university is do your research. Make sure the college or university has your major and if your undecided make sure the college or university has a good variety of choices to choose from. The college experience is what you make it; have fun, experience new things, and be very open minded. Socialize and get to know lots of people because you never know who you know when you graduate and networking is very important. Love whatever school you attend and take pride because you are future alumni. Whatever you decide to go, do your best and strive for the best! Failure is not an option!


Parents and students should do extensive research on their college picks. Ask to speak with the department head of interest and tour the university. Ask if previous graduates can be spoken to. Inquire about meeting with some of the professors, and try to pick a univeristy somewhat based on the environment in which also best describes your personality. I want to excel as a professional. I have a desire to be a leader in the health care system and an advocate for people of less socioeconomic class. I am coming from the working poor class, and I want to exceed to the top and give tremendous support to those from my same class, by bringing action and success to suggest that "we too, can succeed." I can provide excellent social services and I will strive to grant all people with equal opportunity, as well as to prove through actions of self-sacrifice, self-discipline, and self-motivation a brilliant mind can become trained. This is who I am and this make me a good college student and a valuable person to society. I am worthy of your scholarship and I would be honored if blessed to receive it.


I would advice both parents and/or students to begin their college search early, preferably while a freshman in high school. It would help to request information from that college, as well as, visit the campus for a tour to get the feel of the environment. Compare all the advantages and disadvantages of different colleges to see which one is the best fit. Additionally, try to talk to individuals that go to that college to recieve insight on what the college experience is like at that school. To make the most out of one's college experience is different for every individual at a every college, but there are still things that could be adviced. Getting involved in campus life is a great way of making new friends while supporting the school. Furthermore, trying new and different experiences, like sports or choir, can help one to discover aspects of their life they hadn't known existed. Lastly, remember that college is about getting an education, so don't be afraid to ask for tutoring or form study groups to get the help you need to successed.


The best advice i would give to perspective parents and or students looking for the right college to attend would be that first and foremost you have to choose a place where you will be happy. You should choose a college where you feel as though you will not be just another student that attends this school but a student that feels important and is receiving the right amount of time with his or her professors. You should attend a school where you feel as though you will receive an education that will benifit you and help you achieve your goals. In addition, in order to make the best of your college experience you should avoid keeping yourself cooped up in your dorm room. You should involve yourself in on campus orginizations and activities that pertain to your interests. By involving yourself in on campus activites you are meeting your peers, making life long friends, and learning about your school history and what it has to offer.


Well, frist i'll would make sure that's the college or unverstiy the student is interested in. Once they find the right college then take steps on seeing what they can join to better their experience there. Tell them to be theirself and talk to students at will be in their freshman class, because you can always use a good study partner. Make sure the college that you will be attending has the field that the student is going to college for. And when coming the to grades in class to not to be so hard on yourself and just remember it is a learning experience and just grow from it, and know that college is different from high school. And it is more studying involved then in high school. And last but not least remember you can still have fun with activities on campus and still keep your head in the books, while doing so.


The advice I would give to them is first and foremost, research every college/university that you and your child may consider. Also make sure those school offer financial aid for child or what scholarships they may have for your child. To the child, make the most of your college experience because you only get one (not unless you plan to be a professional college student. LOL j/k); but enjoy it to the fullest, make outlasting friendships/relationship. And remember not all your teachers are out to get you, they are actually there to see you succeed and make something out of yourself. -Thank you for this opportunity LaTara (Tara) Sutton


The best advice i could give to the parents is make sure before sending your kids off to college that it is very resourceful so that they can have whatever they need and not have to rely on others so much, and before leaving them make sure that their finanical aid is complete and turned in on time. For the students I would advise them to stay determined and focused on school, don't get caught up in all the fun and games of the freedom that the college life has to offer, make good responsible friends, and just to stay open minded to being a well rounded person.