Langston University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I would have known that taking breaks in college is a waste of time. It is better to complete your degree at once instead of taking semesters off. I know that it gets tiresome. Students need to be future oriented and focus on the end result of starting a career that you are passionate about and don't think about the long studying hours and empty pockets. Be encouraged by the fact you are propelling yourself forward and trying to make a contrubution to this world with your new found knowledge.


To have all my finacial information together.


I wish I would've known how to manuever around the system, I would've felt better about being there. If I would've known that I couldn't get anything done until I started cursing people out, I would've stayed home. If I would've known that the school was going to screw me financially, I would've stayed in state. If I would've known that there was going to be more negative things to say about this school than positive, then I would've stayed home.


I wish somebody would have known the steps to receiving financial aid. Last semester, I ripped and ran evrywhere trying to find out what I needed and when I needed it.


One thing i wished i had known before i atteded this school would be knowing that having a car would make life alot more easier when it comes to getting around because our school is in the middle of nowhere. For example, going to the grocery store or possilbly getting a job.


all the paper I had to give to financial aid in order to get financial aid.


Before coming to langston I wish I would have know that it was so far in the country and that it had such limited resources.