Lansing Community College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


LCC is a campus for all levels of intelligence to teach and grow the students in thier educational and career options.


It's a community college (Lansing Community College), with nice buildings, lots of different people, some nice cafeterias, a nice writing program, and very helpful people.


My school has great instructors, that remember my name rather than a calling me by number. Being that the classrooms are smaller, I'm much more comfortable asking questions and participating in class topics. Being that there are a few campuses spread out in the mid michigan area, it's much easier to attend one closer to home so I can save some gas. All in all I'm very happy attending Lansing Community College.


It is a well rounded school with educational opportunities for students with many different majors.


LCC ids a devine institue of learning and studying.