Lansing Community College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


How there is not a lot of fun places to go on campus, because then it is hard to get close to people. You can't really go somewhere fun to hang out or study.


My least favorite part about going to school at Lansing Community College is that the student body is not united by commonalities. The student body is a very diverse group with the most common aspect being that we share the same class. At a 4-year university most of the students are in the same age group, live in the same area and share the same goals and aspirations. There is also a lack of social clubs at LCC and social opportunities in general are slim.


Having to have a high reading score to be able to take classes that tranfer to a Univerity. Post classes that tranfer you can take unless your reading is in a level 5. So you end up having to take classes that won't tranfer and you do need. So it will take you longer to reach your goal and you pay for classes that don't tranfer.


In all honesty, I think LCC is a great school. My biggest pet peeve would be there's not enough parking! But I personally haven't had any truly horrible experiences.


The price of schooling.


The worst then is that there is not dorms so you don't get to live the college student dorm life.


Parking is a definite problem because of the lack of space, the expense in general, and the traffic can be horrible. Food prices are very high especially in the vending machines. The vending machines are higher priced then the cafeteria. The bathrooms are not clean a lot of the time but it depends on what building you are in. The location of the college's main campus is not the safest area especially later at night. The Star Card system can be an unnecessary nuisance. The books are overpriced and some books are not even used in your class.