Lansing Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend Lansing Community College?


This college is best suited for those that work a full time job, are full time parents or receiving educational credits and certifications. Lansing Community College is also great for those that would like to finish general credits before moving up the ladder to a university. I appreciate my education at Lansing Community College because I understand that even my "out of district" tuition is much cheaper than any university I could study at.


The kind of person that should attend LCC needs to be a self motivated person. Some one who is really interested in furthering thier education. Not just anyone looking to waste their time. The student needs to be ready to accept the information that the teachers are giving, and use it to thier full advantage.


A student who plans to go to a four year college. Starting here a student can start their four year degress and tranfer to the Univerity in two years. The cost is cheaper and you can stay closer to home and be able to work to help with college. Student who want to inprove their GPA to get into a Univerity. Students who do want to go to a Univerity can get a degree at LCC. Student who want to stay close to home and keep the cost of college down can acheive their goal.


The kind of student who isn't quite sure what they want to major in or cannot afford to go straight to a university for the same classes you could take cheaper at a community college.


Any student who is looking to save money should attend Lansing Community College (LCC). The age range of students is very diverse, from fresh high school graduates to older students who are looking to finish their degree after many years of work. LCC is very affordable and offers many practical and transferable courses. It is a great start towards a degree.


Anyone that is looking to get a start on their education. LCC is a great place to get started and transfer out, but it also has some great medical programs that can be completed at LCC without transferring.


Any person can and should attend this school. It gives students education at a cheaper price for their first two years of college. Students who are only getting a 2 year degree should attend especially because it's cheaper than an university.