Las Positas College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


The students at LPC are very determined and focused on what they want and need to graduate or transfer out to obtain their degree


Each class mate I have come encounter with have all been very friendly and are truly unique and interesting individuals.


They are the description of community


I haven't made many friends or socialized with the other classmates yet, but Im assuming they're all in the same boat as I am because we're all going to that school for a reason.


My classmates are nice but sometimes they can really be distracted by thier cell phones while in class.


Lukily, I am surrounded by many classmates that are very hard-working, determined individuals that have a strong sense of knowing what their goals are in life.


My classmates are the type of people that you want to really learn and grow from in both an academic, social and maturity standpoint. When people say that the people you meet in college are the individuals that make a real impact on your life and stick around to become life long friends, I would have to say that my classmates are just those people. They are all dedicated and extremely motivated to achieve their goals to become successful, happy and accomplished individuals which makes me even more content with surrounding myself with people who strive for the same goals.


My classmates are diligent, ambitious students that have just launched their education, or returning students looking to expand their current education or start afresh.