Las Positas College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I belive that my school is best know for having excellent teachers who really care about students.


My school is best known for the extended education we receive from the teachers.


My school would be most likely best known for it being a good california community college to transfer from. It has a very high transfer rate and is also in the bay area. An area that many students desire to go to schools in so it makes it easier to transfer to universities in the area given that they favor transfer students that are attending bay area community colleges such as las positas.


Its either becuase it is behind Costoco, the beautiful condo complex that surrouds the community, or maybe considerd a low standard goal if a highschool graduate does not meat the SAT standard of a university or a state, or the transfer program. Im pretty sure if anyone who attended or attends Las Positas would agree with my answers being one or another.