Las Positas College Top Questions

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I applied to only Cal State University's in high school, so Las Positas is unique in that it is a community college and not a four-year university. It also has very small class sizes for the most part, and this was probably a big difference from the other schools to which I applied.


To me this school is unique because it offers a certificate in viniculture since the school is located in wine country. The school has it's own vineyards which I think is great since it really gives the students following that course hands on experience. Another aspect of the school that I find unique is that its small size helps create a sense of family between everyone since you get to know and see a lot more people more of the time.


Location and the professors are friendly and really focused on undergrads, online courses and evening class are always available, even when the class is full. Administration are really great and they care and listen to the students.