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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I have gained a great knowledge of life and responsibility through my college experiance. By attending Brookdale Community College I was able to become positive about my choice of career. I walked into my accounting classes, which I had the same professor for almost all of them, and learned a great deal of the way things work in the business/accounting world. I saw how successful my professor was, as he had his own CPA firm as well. But that wasn't the important thing. What was important was that he was happy with what he did. I spent some time thinking during my semesters at school and mulled over whether or not accounting was right for me, and in the end decided it was stupid for me to even doubt the idea that I wanted to become an accountant. I looked at my professor and seeing him happy made me realize that accounting is what really makes me happy too and I know for a fact that I would never want to do anything else. I too now eventually want to have my own CPA firm and become a happy successful man.


The people, they are very helpful and understanding. if you needed help with anything they would help you in anyway they possibly can. It has small classes and the teachers there are very helpful and understanding also. it will benefit me because i'd like to make a change in my life and to be able to do something im proud of doing,