Lasell College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The best part about Lasell College is the class sizes. Sometimes, people joke that they wish they went to a bigger school so the professors wouldn't know when they skipped class, but this is the exact reason why I love it here so much. The biggest class I have at Lasell only has about thirty students in it. This allows me to really connect with my professors and form relationships with them, as well as have more one on one time. This also helps me meet new people in a safe, learning environment.


I brag about the many opportunities that my school has to offer its students. Lasell has many interships available for students which reall7u helps to get a foot into a career. Also the great relationships that students have with teachers is amazing due to the good sized class rooms.


The school always has a bunch of international/transer students, and the faculty is really friendly.


All the great times my roommate and I have with our friends.


The fun I have with my friends.


Even though campus can become dead sometimes on weekends, we are so close to Boston that we can go out and do stuff. Our campus is really pretty in the beginning of fall and in April/May.


How big the dorms are and how small the classes are.