Lassen Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Free spirited and motivated people should attend this college. People that work hard and play hard. Outgoing and friendly people do very well at this school. People who are willing to take and give advice. People who are willing to help others when they need it. This school offers a lot, and you will need to be able to recognize that. We are proud of our school and we want to invite other people in that are openminded and willing to learn. If you posses these qualities, then you will do just fine.


Lassen Community College is defiantly a school for those wanting to get a good start in college and don?t have anywhere else to go. For the Students of Susanville it is a great opportunity if one does not know where in life they want to go; also the cost of fees is extremely inexpensive. Lassen also is a school that has very sophisticated Gunsmithing programs, as it is probably the best in the northing part of the state. Furthermore, the Nursing program held at Lassen is ideal for the budding nurses and doctors to get their beginning training/degrees.