Lawrence Technological University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


This school contains a lot of extremely smart and high income students who may be intreverted; howeever 80% of the students here are involved organizations which creates a great social supporting network.


Small campus that favors intelligent students more than struggling students.


Small camups, that lacks a sence of community, but has a strong academic backing.


Lawrence Tech is small but growing. The rec facility is great but no pool. Housing is appartment style. It is a private school so be ready to pay. The architecture program is difficult but in a good way. Campus is clean. Not easy to walk or bike for off-campus errands.


It's a somewhat expensive place that's great for engineering and architecture students, but others may feel left in the cold by the myriad of new programs being developed that are not yet completed.


A smaller university that is very hands on and practical in education and extracurricular activities are available if you really want to be involved. Those who are involved usually are more socially active and seem to have more fun.


This college is mainly for the upper rich wealthy people that doesn't mind spending money on anything that likes to be bored on campus and eat horrible food.


A small school that focuses on making a person a professional. Being a small school there often isnt very much to do, which is good since the workload is strenuous. The classes are small and the professors usually are experts in their field. The teachers are usually around to help students out.


Very hands on teaching