Lawrence Technological University Top Questions

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The unique quality of the school is the innovations and the building students to think "green" and being able to inculcate it in the education is something that Lawrence Technological University is trying to instill in its' students. Being a Technological University means not only keeping up with the lastest technology but being able to stay two steps ahead of the products and getting students to think of ways to improve their community and educating their prospective employers on what they've learned.


Lawrence Technological University is a lot different from some universities because of the size. It is a very small campus. Therefore, there are very small class sizes which make it easier to learn in classes and communicate with your professors. Everybody knows everybody at this school which makes it easier to make good friends and such.


Perception is 9/10ths of reality.


Amazing balance of Theory and Practice. Top of class instructors, small class sizes, very friendly and helpful faculty. Amazing student project and group opertunities.


Small classes allow for one on one with professors instead of TA's .


The campus at Lawrence Tech is smaller than most other universities. I like the fact that the University gives every student a laptop to use while they are enrolled, and in most places on campus, there is wireless internet access. This school is very male-dominated, to the point where sometimes I am the only girl in my class. The class sizes are smaller here, and a lot of the faculty in the architecture college are working in the practice.