Lawrence Technological University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


I consider the fact that Lawrence Technological University doesn't require a health and physical education course a bad thing. If society wants to decrease the rates of drugs, cigerettes and alcohol, then more upper education schools should require a course that teaches young adults the effects of the mentioned addictives.


The lack of financial aid. The lack of ability to talk to a fin aid person one on one. The lack of security. The fact that security is a joke


The cost of the school. It is hard to be stable all the time with the financial aid I get.


They have issued laptops to every student but their infrastructure does not support the laptops. In the study areas there are not enough outlets so you have to plan ahead and conserve your battery.


Our school gives out a lot of work and truly challenges you. If you are thinking about Lawrence Tech for a school that you can slack off and still pass, do not go here. I work very hard during the week so that I have some free time on the weekends. Most often I end up still doing work on the weekends though.


It is overpriced. I feel like I havnt learned much because there is so much work to do you dont have the time to take it all in.


Lots of foreign students. Some communication issues.


Cost, gender percentages (more guys thans girls etc).


The worst thing about my school is the tuition. I say tuition because it is very expensive to attend this school. Many people struggle financially while being a student here, I am one of them.


Perhaps the worst aspect of this school is the immense cost associated with attending. In many ways having the financial backing necessary would allow me to experience all the strong academic aspects of this school instead of just having to pick and choose.


The worst thing about my school I would say is that there are not enough power outlets in the engineering building. Like really, the whole campus is a wireless community and they give a laptop to every student. Yet the engineering building and some parts of the University lack the electrical outputs that are needed to go on these laptops if it were low on power. Another thing I think that may be able to change is the studying areas, yes there are ALOT of places to study, but I feel that some areas should be expanded upon or created.


The school I don't mind, the stress and work load I apply to myself is the only real issue I have with this college.