Lawrence Technological University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


Before attending Lawerence Technological University I wish I had more experience with my career during high school. My high school did not have a lot of academics and only taught the students what was needed for college.


You must be self motivated to do well in college. Professors are not constatly pushing you to complete all your assigned work for classes like the teachers in highschool did. Professors still want you to succeed, but they let you decide whether you should complete assigned work and show up for classes. It is all up to yourself if you want to do well or not.


That I had to deal with a lot of sleeples nights because my major requried a lot of hard work. Also I wish I knew how small the campus was and that there were not enought student activities.


I wish I had known to reach out to people earlier. Everyone is very nice and not judgemental. Everyone seemes genuinely friendly and I wish I had reached out to more people when i got on campus.


I wish that I had a better knowledge of what the majors I was considering required and what jobs would be available once the degree was earned. Unfortunatly, in high school, I was unable to take architecture classes due to a conflict in scheduling. Since I was unsure of whether I wanted to major in architecture or psychology, I decided to take the two psychology courses available. I loved both of the classes, but I was curious as to how I would feel about architecture once I learned more about it. My curiosity chose my major instead of previous knowledge.


When I was younger, I wanted to attend LTU, but felt that I didnt have the grades to make it in. I wish I knew that if I made the opportunity years ago to apply, that i probably could have already been done with college




I wish I had known how to handle my finances better. It's difficult to learn how to manage loans and scholarships and still keep up with the school's workload.


How expensive the school is and the ratio of girls to guys.


It costs a arm and a leg and the price keeps coming. I wish I would have gone to a community college and then transfered the credits to Lawrence Tech.


I wish I would have taken more art classes in high school.


That I would not have to repeat so much highschool education.