Lawrence University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates at Lawrence University are eager to learn, driven to succeed and supportive of other students.


My classmates are a group of smart and passionate young adults. They are hard workers, but also very socialable and friendly.


You can't describe the typical Lawrence Univeristy student because we are many: we come from many backgrounds, many religions, many parts of the world, and we're always willing to learn to information and expand on our knowledge.


My classmates are energetic, determined, communicative and work excellently with everyone in their field.


Lawrence students speak about various topics in relation to the student population


I have experienced situations on campus that felt racially awkward or isolating. As a minority African American student, I didn’t have any reservations about attending predominantly Caucasian school. I do think that some people here at Lawrence may or may not have come from diversity home towns and schools, so when they come to LU they may be experiencing their first encounter with someone from a different race/ethnicity/sexual orientation, etc. I do think that it is crucial keep an open mind along with respect and always judge a person or accept a person for what's on the inside. Some students seem afraid or hesitant to step outside their comfort zones.


My classmates are intelligent, driven, focused, and often stressed, but also friendly, social, outgoing, and involved; they are academically-minded but also interested in politics, the arts, sports, and community involvement.


Lawrence has a lot of different types of people, but the unifying characteristics seem to be friendliness, helpfulness, compassion, and humor!


There was an issue early in the year concerning the safety of the LGBTQ community on campus. Students all around campus stood up and let their voices be heard that said Lawrence is an accepting community by putting signs on their door indicating a "Safe Space."


Lawrence is not the most diverse campus in the sense of race and ethnicity, however if you want to Lawrence to be diverse to you it's totally possible. Personally, I am white, but my friends are from all races and ethnicities. Lawrence's population of LGB is actually pretty high, and homophobia and homophobic vandalism is taken very seriously at Lawrence. In general, I find that Lawrence is liberal. I think this comes from the certain maturity and intellectual levels that students here have been raised to have.


Another stereotype is that the Lawrence community is not very diverse. Well, it is compared to other colleges in wisconsin. However, people often tend to stick to their racial and ethinic groups. But thats usually the case for most of the US. I think we have a diverse enough population that, given sufficient interest, drive, and sensitivity/political correctness, one has the potential to develop one's ethnic and racial awareness, and have a varied group of friends.


They are smart, driven, socially conscious, artistic, opinionated and creative students.


You don't have to agree with somebody but you have to try and see where he is coming from and show him respect.


My classmates had the 4.0 gpa in highschool and are used to being the smartest and contributing the most in their classes.


My Classmates are amazing, driven, friendly, and honest people.


My classmates are mostly upper-midwestern kids from middle class families who work hard and play hard and mostly have a lot of high hopes for their future.


Students are hard-working and have a variety of diverse interests; music, in paticular, is a common interest.


Lawrence students are passionate, artistic, and broadly focused