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We get to know all of our professors very good and on a personal level. All my professors remember me from past terms and always say hi to me when I am walking on campus. Also, all of our class sizes are small and you can get in an engaging discussion because of that.


Lawrence University is right in the heart of the Fox Valley in Appleton, WI. With it's breath-taking campus, located right on the Fox River, Lawrence brings its students that "dream" college experience that all students hope to find. From the vast array of clubs, athletics, musical and theatre performances, games, and art galleries it is impossible to find something to do each day and night! Or take a weekend vacation up to the beautiful lake-side Björklunden, also owned by Lawrence, in Door County. Lawrence University is definitely a one of a kind university!


Lawrence University has such a tight-knit community. Everyone supports, helps, and befriends everyone else. It's incredible to see so many different people from all over the world from all kinds of backgrounds live together on an 84-acre campus. On top of that, we all manage to stay completely sane (most of us anyway) and still have so much fun, whether it be spiritually, academically, emotionally, or just for the heck of it.


A range of things that a student outside of LU may not know about the school or campus.


Suggestions towards how high school students may gain a better vibe towards college campuses. Many ways ranging from, visiting, seeing performances, to sitting in on classes.


Lawrence University - Mark Urness Sextet - Live at the Underground Coffeehouse - Autumn Leaves [Part 2 of 2]. Personnel is Adam Meckler, trumpet; Jacob Thomas, tenor saxophone; James Hall, trombone; Greg Woodard, piano; Mark Urness, bass; Derek Dreier, drums


I am very satisfied with my decision to come to Lawrence, although I know it's not for everyone. I highly recommend visiting the various colleges you are looking at and simply asking yourself: Would I fit in there?


Lawrence's scheduling is a little different than most schools. Most obviously is that we run on trimesters rather that semesters. Each trimester is ten weeks long with one week of finals that follows. Classes usually run on either Monday, Wednesday, Fridays or Tuesday, Thursdays. Having trimesters is super awesome because (if you're not in the con) you only have three classes per term. The one thing that some people don't like about this schedule is that we start really late and get out really late in order for our winter and spring breaks to be at a normal time.




The intense relationship between students, the ability to choose what you're interested in rather than what's practical, and the friendships you form among students are all what distinguishes Lawrence from other undergrad schools.


Fabulous combination of conservatory and liberal arts environment... there is no real division between the schools either, which is wonderful.


The fact that it fosters tons of teacher-student interaction.


Very accepting campus of all different types of people; very friendly campus; very welcoming, approachable Professors that are your friends.


We have very small classes, a small school size, and the professors are willing to meet with you at almost anytime of the day. Some professors even invite you to there house for dinner.


small, liberal college; very safe; very easy to contact professors if you have questions or need help


It's small and a bit nerdy, but very liberal and most people know each other and get along.


The atmosphere at Lawrence is like no other. Students are encouraged to think outside the box, developing strong verbal and mental skills. The academic standards are challenging, there's not denying that. But in our communal struggles we are bonded, and the community that results is strong. Students make sure to find time for music, sports, parties, and activism in between classes and papers. Many small schools are likewise small minded, and Lawrence is anything but. It is a school of 2,000 students, and infinitely more ideas.