Lawrence University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


Reslife, The conservatory groups, campus life are quite popular. All dorm halls usually have open door policies/habits that they promote. All events here at LU tend to have pretty great turn outs. I don’t know too much about the dating scene but generally speaking, some students date around, some long term, some enter LU engaged or in serious relationships long distance or not, some get married while at LU, some get married after LU. I met most of my close friends during welcome week events freshman year and on my hall floor freshman year.


Conchordance, Lawrence University's all female a capella group performing Corinne Bailey Rae's "Put Your Records On" The arrangement is by Katie. Isake is the soloist with backup from Katie. The girls are (from left to right): Ange, Beth, Cassie, Megan, Alessandra, Schuyler, Alicia, and Katie (with Isake in front)


There is always something to do on campus. Although we obviously don't have football games where the streets get blocked off and thousands of people are chanting, we do have tons of athletic events. I think it's cool to go to these events knowing the athletes and being able to support your friends and vice versa. The opportunity to continue athletics has been great and I've made some really good friends through soccer and track. Weekends are whatever you want them to be and what you do depends on your interests and friends. You can go to athletic events, concerts, guest speakers, play Halo, read, sleep, watch TV, play games, whatever!


Students feel comfortable. In my dorm we prop doors open and people come around for random conversations and we all get to know each other. We didn't know anyone when we first came here. My closest friends on campus are those on my floor. I was so concerned about my roommate during the summer. I was afraid that we wouldn't get along but it turns out we're practically the best of friends and we get along so well. If I was up at 2 am on Tuesday, which is currently now. I'm up with friends watching a movie or finishing some late night studying. I'm not out partying because I choose not too. There are plenty of things to do on campus so long as you put yourself out there and introduce yourself to new things.


There is something here that I call the Lawrence Condition: we, as students, are involved in too many organizations--which is DEFINITELY NOT a bad thing. We care and feel passionate about so many things that it's hard for us not to become involved. Personally I am involved with several organizations, with a leadership position in many of them. My friends like to tell me I'm crazy, but then they're equally as busy. When we are involved in organizations (and there are a lot to choose, and making your own is as easy as showing up at LUCC meetings), we throw ourselves into them.


As mentioned above, LU is a little divided based on interests and diversity. But if you put yourself out there every once in a while, utilize residence life resources and events, you can have the kind of social life that you want.