Lawrence University Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


The non-competitive learning environment. What I wanted most out of a school was a place where everybody wanted to learn, to study, to do well in school, but also wanted to cooperate - somewhere where people didn't want to do well at the expense of others. And I've found it at Lawrence. It truly is a place of learning and scholarship without the cut-throat feel typical of some more prestigious institutions.


How small the classes are.


I usually mention the accesibility of my professors, their concern with their students academic lives, and the types of courses that I can choose from.


I usually talk about the small class sizes, and how easy it was for me to get involved in campus life. Because my school is small, it was easy to make friends and to meet people. Also, because it is a smaller size school, it is easy to get your voice heard by the administration.


I brag. I definitely brag, and it is usually about the mashed potatoes. However, I love the campus itself. The buildings are homey and the outdoor scenery is beautiful no matter the weather, not to mention the gorgeous Fox Valley river that a lot of our buildings overlook. It's small enough to walk, but large enough to make it good exercise. I also like to quote my high school counselor, "Lawrence alumni rule the world," which very well be true seeing as upon arriving, even the freshman are incredibly intelligent.


The greta music program


My small group of friends, who do not represent the majority of the student body.


the incredible amount of opportunities to get involved and experience new things! STUDY ABROAD!


interation with professors, 1 on 1.


How hard it is and what a great education I am getting!


The quality of education I got there.