Lawrence University Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating thing about Lawrence is that it is so academically challenging, even in your freshman and sophomore years. While your friends at other colleges/universities will be taking "easier" courses, you'll be pushing yourself in your courses. This can easily get frustrating as you'll feel as though you are doing more work than them, and that getting a high gpa will be much more difficult.


It is very expensive, and although financial aid was good, I still had to take out a lot in loans.


there is very few paths that directly lead you to a career. It is a great school for students planning on going on in their education


The most frustrating aspect of Lawrence is that the transition can be a little difficult from high school to college. Many of the professors do not facilitate this transition, and therefore, it is up to the student to make the transition on his or her own. As a side effect, the incoming student's grades may suffer until the transition is made. This rarely takes longer than one academic year.


The cold


Students do not having enough room in the day to pursue everything we love.