Lawrence University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I could go back and tell my high school self to relax and that everything would work out. I had a lot of anxiety about meeting new people and proving myself academically. If I would not have been so anxious and nervous my freshman year, I would have realized I do not need to stay up all night studying, which I'm sure the stress of that year cut at least five years off my lifespan. There are more efficient ways of learning the material, which you learn by trial and error.


I would have liked to know the value and importance of getting activley involved in extracuricular activities from the start. A little bit of fear restrained me from getting involved in activities like the student garden, art club and social justice groups. While I got involved with these groups later in the year, this would have drastically changed my initial withholdings about the school and would have allowed me to make a contribution to Lawrence's community.


I wish that I would have known more about living on my own. I was so excited to get out from the "high school" scene and on my own, but it is a lot harder than I thought. I wish I would have taken all the serious talks my parents had with me into more consideration. I may be an independent person, but I wish I would have known that it really is okay to lean on the people that love you.


I wish that I would have really known how to study and prepare for classes, exams, projects and music/voice-related events. Everything here takes a good amount of time and focus - a very different experience from high school for me!


I wish I had known more about the opportunities available in the community. I've lived in Appleton for a year and a half and I'm still constantly discovering what's available to students. From churches to parks to food to volunteer opportunities to just friendly people, Appleton has a lot to offer, but we have to go looking for it. Lawrence students tend to become caught up in the "bubble" of campus, but it is tremendously fulfilling to get out and remember that we are part of a wider world.


I wish I had known how difficult the grading standards are.


I came into it for the arts... I wish I had realized that the people in Appleton, WI don't have any connections. In music and theater-- that is a BIG deal.


I wish I had known that I would spend almost all my time in the conservatory.


Lots of very nice people, but you need to work hard.