Lawrence University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think there are two great things about the school, which are interconnected to be my favorite thing about Lawrence. The first is the size. Being a small school it is easy to interact with teachers, get activly involved in classes and get to know students around campus. The second thing is the students. Students are active, interested in learning, passionate about interests and make the campus truly the best place for me to be. Combined, the small size of Lawrence and the passion and interests of students make the campus a dynamic and powerful learning and growing environemnt.


As a liberal arts college, Lawrence University maintains small class sizes and values the importance of close professor student relationships. I love being able to feel so comfortable with talking to my professors and asking them questions in class and knowing that they have learned my name and can recognize me. The Lawrence Difference is key to the success of Individualized Learning and to providing a well balanced education for all students who attend this great school.


It has a strong musuc program. It is an undergraduate school only; there are no graduate students competing for professors time. All classes are taught not faculty not graduate asistants.


People from the LU campus community share their views on E-Text books


The best things about Lawrence are the sense of community- students feel close with one another, but also with faculty, who are generally very accessible to students; and the average level of artistic involvement - having the conservatory makes it possible for anyone to be involved in music and other artistic pursuits, whether majoring in the arts or not.


YOu can be who you want to be and do what you want to do. No one judges you in the Lawrence Bubble


The Conservatory professors and their drive to help everyone succeed.


Lawrence University is a small, intimate liberal arts college for students with big ideas, curiosity, and a strong work ethic. If a student wants to succeed, all he must do it take advantage of the opportunities Lawrence puts in front of him. The small class sizes at first seem intimidating but they force individuals to speak up which, as a result, teaches a student how to listen to opposing viewpoints which ultimately helps a student know himself a little better. Lawrence's intimidating yet intimate setting is a contradiction which allows for intellectual growth within a comfortable and personal environment.


The social and intellectual community. It allows for individuals to discover their own personalities and individual interests. Other students are highly accepting of diversity and professors are friendly, easy to access and eager to help students find their ways. The professors are first and foremost there to facilitate your lacademic earning and personal development.


I love me friends, chem professors, and research oppertunities.


what is the best fit for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the best thing about lawrence is the family I've built for myself on campus. It took time and energy but ultimately when I go to sleep at night I can rest assured that I'm surrounded by people who make me a better person and want what's best for me. it's very reassuring since lawrence is so far away from home.


Lawrence is it's own little community. It is rigorous and stressful at times, but the faculty and other students really want you to succeed. As long as you want to succeed at Lawrence, and put forth the effort, you will.


The interaction with the professors is the best thing academically because it allows students to learn directly from them instead of a T.A. We have no T.A.'s here.


access to materials, study help, and relationships with professors